Denon DCD 2560GL Special limited edition noise issues

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by gechts, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. gechts

    gechts New Member

    Hi, and thanks for your help,
    I just bought a great cd Player Denon DCD 2560GL, and it is a great player,
    it works preety much fine, except one thing,

    it plays good, but if you skip between tracks which are not nearby for example from song 1 to 9
    or in reverse direction from track 10 to 3 - it makes a clicking noise,

    I thought it is from the LASER gear motor, and checked it and the mechanics are good, therfore don't know how to solve it, I can upload a short video that shows the problem

    Really wanna fix it!
    Thanks very very much



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  2. audiosignal

    audiosignal Active Member

    My 2560 in like-new condition doesn’t do that. Yours needs service. Worth fixing as this player is awesome in all aspects, and great for modding.

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