Denon reciever working right now

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by 91firebird, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. 91firebird

    91firebird Active Member

    Well about 4 months ago picked up a open box denon 730h reciever for a great sounds dam good
    But I it didn't seem to be working properly,called denon the tech said do,a reset on the unit read the
    Manual and start fresh.well did the reset read the manual did all the settings.and guess what it works
    Great sounds decodes atmos truhd dts neutral x.hit the movie button on the remote shows
    What sound fields are on the disc,set to auto it will pick the correct sound for the reads atmos truhd
    Dts neutral x upmixes older movies,dam it works great.must say the denon support was great!


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  2. awillia6

    awillia6 Super Member

    First thing you do with those units. Lemme guess: hold down two leftmost buttons (in the control array) while you power on the unit. Once display starts flashing, you can let go and it will boot up to Tuner FM 87.5Mhz, F/R/sub, minimum (no) volume.

    Good idea to whack the remote(s) while you're at it. You don't want to be tangling with someone else's mangling...
  3. awillia6

    awillia6 Super Member

    No post.

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