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    Reading back through posts in this forum, I see the progression of folks putting together PC's to serve up or play music. That dust has settled out for the most part, the software and processes for loading Linux or Windows is fairly well documented and straight forward.
    The selections for music players and jukebox software has become almost endless.
    If you are running Windows, I've come to believe there are some advantages to tweeking the software toward being more music friendly. I did the whole series of mods described here and was happy with the results.
    Read up on Fidelizer over the holiday weekend, and while on the surface it seems almost viral (no installer, makes mods to the OS behind a curtain, mysterious) I figured after reading so many positive comments to try it. I undid all the Petri tweeks, and downloaded the free Fidelizer, ran it in the second level mode of Audiophile. At the end of it's run, it asks what music player you want to use, and I pointed it toward JRiver.
    The results, while not earth shattering, are noticeable. Midrange is slightly enhanced, bass got deeper, somewhat punchier, again, nothing major, but you can hear a difference. I found it harmless to the OS, it must be run at each reboot to mod the OS services, if not run, you are right back where you started before.
    I don't have any affiliation, but think that if you haven't tried it, you should. It could be that one last thing that you are looking for. It's free, and worth a try.
    I'll likely be making a purchase of the pro version before it's over.


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