Diaphragm for 052 Ti

Discussion in 'The Lansing Legacy' started by SteveJewels, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. SteveJewels

    SteveJewels TunerHeaven.com Subscriber

    Rockford, IL
    I am looking for a diaphragm for an 052 Ti.

    I bought a pair of 4412a's a few weeks ago and when I pulled to grills off, the diaphragm of one of the 052 Ti's was pushed in.

    The seller made a proper refund and I purchased two used 052 Ti's so I am good there but I would like to either replace the damaged diaphragm with a new, genuine JBL diaphragm or, if there is such a thing, an equal or superior replacement.

    I would appreciate and leads. :)



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  2. Zonker92

    Zonker92 All shiny and chrome Subscriber

    Central CA
    eBay, maybe? But first, have you tried popping it out from behind? Often those Ti diaphragms have amazing resilience.

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