Difference between SA-7500 i and SA-7500 ii?

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by periclimenes, May 8, 2017.

  1. periclimenes

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    Hello. I'm having trouble finding any info about what, exactly, the differences are between the mark i and mark ii versions of the SA-7500 amplifiers? I have gathered from this forum that most people thing the mark ii is inferior. What is different? I can see that the pre/power amp jumper option does not exist on the mark ii, as well as the reduced number of inputs. Does anyone know the differences in the guts of the two? Why did Pioneer move to the mark ii series? Was it a cost-saving measure? Finally, I have not been able to find an owner's manual for the SA-7500 ii (I have the service manual). Does anybody have one? Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!


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  2. QSilver

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    The SA-7500 Mk I is better in terms of build quality and audio circuitry in my opinion. Much stronger chassis and the pre-amp and power amp are seperated but the amplifier is mounted at the rear of the chassis and the protection system and power supply are mounted in the bottom front of the chasis. In the Mk II, this is reversed and the amplifier board is larger with a different type of heatsinking. You could compare the insides of the Mk II to an SA-520 in terms of layout.

    On paper, the Mk II boasts and extra 5W per channel and a slightly better distortion rating but with a narrower frequency range...

    One thing that might put people off is that the exterior and interior build quality just isn't as good as the Mk I. For instance, the knobs on the Mk I are milled solid aluminium (IIRC) and on the Mk II, they are very thin aluminium cups over plastic ones.
  3. periclimenes

    periclimenes AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Thanks QSilver. That's very helpful! Sounds like they changed the design to save costs but improved the THD figure to make it seem like an upgrade? I appreciate your reply!
  4. kryten79

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    Hifiengine has manuals. You'll have to register to download.

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