DIY record cleaning machine (RCM) consolidation and resource thread

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by DC, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. DC

    DC "Manhattan Boy" Subscriber

    Seminole Hills, Michigan
    Hi folks ... there are many really great threads discussing vacuums, motors, wands, fluids, and even philosophies concerning building DIY versions of record cleaning machines. This thread is meant to consolidate some these resources together so finding information is not so daunting. If you discover a thread that should be on this list, drop me a note and I'll "edit" this first post to include it. I'll try to treat this as a work-in-progress thread.

    Note: There are already many threads discussing the merits of buying a commercially available RCM vs. building a DIY version. This is not about that - this is intended as a resource for those interested in various ways that a DIY version might be accomplished.

    A tip for doing searches:
    If you are going to do a search, search both the "DIY" forum and the "turntables" forum - both have lots of good relevant threads.

    Note: There are many threads for these related topics in both forums:
    - steam cleaning records (search "steam")
    - fluids - commercial fluids vs. home-brew mixes and recipes (search "fluid" or "fluids" or "soap" or "alcohol")
    - brushes - dozens of variations on a theme (search "brush" and "brushes" in turntable forum)
    - Spin Clean, a table-top wet-scrub device (search "Spin Clean" in turntable forum)
    - tension clamps for cleaners as well as players (search "clamp")
    - GEM Dandy record cleaner, a PVC tube "apparatus" for in-sink spinning and cleaning (search "sink" and "Dandy" or "PVC")

    Threads are from the DIY Forum and Turntables Forum:

    jcamero's recent re-build (and original build linked in the thread):

    g.e.'s VPI-OkkiNokki-Moth inspired RCM:

    micksf's recent build:

    tandberg man's Okki Nokki style build:

    Boojum's weekender RCM build:

    Luckytiger's ultrasonic RCM:

    hi*ball's build (check out his o-ring record clamp - genius!):

    LoStrings' build:

    hutchballs' build:

    ODYOFAEL's build (also listed in this thread, but now has its own thread):

    the architech's build:

    mmiller's RCM project (check out the very nice motor he's using):

    blademansw's "cabinet" RCM:

    DougMac's "stereo cabinet" RCM:

    dodog's RCMCS thread:

    JimmyNeutron's "ARK" Automatic Record Kleaner:

    Tar of Gor's "bathroom cabinet" build:

    chipmunk's "rotary brush" RCM (wow!):

    thevinylking's "carpeted" RCM:

    dnpainting's second RCM (with automation!):

    markus111's "quiet" RCM:

    oldvinyldude's recent thread:

    Spectrum77's "rotisserie" RCM:

    djnagle's thread (a work in progress at the moment):

    rally's DIY Keith Monks/Loricraft thread: (Nice!)

    wowazeplin's Loricraft/thread buffer RCM:

    dnpainting's thread:

    Bluespower's DIY-RCM MkII: (Wow!)

    mfrench's "Vactrola" RCM thread:

    DougMac's DIY RCM on a sliding tray: (in mfrench's thread)

    squeegy200's " ... in a single afternoon" thread:

    DC's Victrola-based RCM thread: (that also references several previous threads)

    Condorsat's discussion thread: (also see mfrench's Victrola pics, several posts down)

    sanlanman's thread: (and discussion of clamps to overcome record sticking to vacuum wand)

    ARJohn's "challenged" :))) thread:

    chadnliz's thread with several YouTube links showing DIY RCMs:

    ace420's "easy" DIY RCM thread:

    sanlanman's thread with various "drive" discussions and pics:

    see Tar Of Gor's RCM in this thread:

    scootchu's DIY thread:

    coop402's thread: (with an automatic fluid distributor!)

    Tar Of Gor's RCM thread:

    Sam Cogley's "junkyard dog" RCM thread:

    loneraider's thread:

    Bluespower's "Junkyard Wars RCM" thread:

    Elcoholic's "VPI Clone" thread:

    edd9000's "thread buffer" (ala Keith Monks/Loricraft) thread:

    DC's first thread, with additional posts and photos from ARJohn, Similost, and Andyman:

    Brett A's manual/vacuum system thread:

    DENNYDOG's machine he found on CL thread:

    Shiminok's "Record Cleaning Robot" thread:

    Brett A's "ethical question" thread: (and some good pics from him and mhardy6647)

    Lamont Grady's thread (with external link) and good discussion on problems using stock TT motors (not enough torque):

    Similost's thread:

    andres' RCM (in IKEA rack) thread:

    onwardjames' "Ghetto" RCM thread: (update at the bottom)

    Ronco record cleaning device: (funny?)

    DougMac's" thread: (with an additional link to another thread with a few more pics)

    cactuscowboy's thread:

    Outlaw's thread:

    macaltec's thread:

    see Mark W.'s RCM here: (original thread in "General ... " forum)

    OMI's very, very detailed thread: (excellent "how to" for those who need a little more direction)

    see JimmyNeutron's automated RCM here: (more photos on his site, but it seems down)

    Andyman's original thread:
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  2. EPI-Center

    EPI-Center AK Subscriber Subscriber

    North Shore Mass
    great idea man and great work consolidating these.

    I'm still digging but can't find the thread of a guy on here that made a GEM-Dandy-alike gismo that cleaned several albums at once, he then built an RCM at home that looked really awesome.
  3. vintagelubbr

    vintagelubbr Certified Clown

    Boring Sacramento
    Thanks DC!
    I've been trying to put together an RCM myself and was having trouble searching for these threads. Thanks for taking the time to do this!
  4. hifi_nut

    hifi_nut Vintage? I´m vintage!

    May I suggest this thread be made a sticky?
  5. willyrover

    willyrover Super Member

    Here's mine.

    -case is an old typewriter case
    -12 amp motor from a dirt devil
    -some electrical conduit

    Attached Files:

  6. spideyjack

    spideyjack Addicted Member

    wow, thanks for compiling all this. this will make my winter project much easier.


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  7. the architect

    the architect AK Member

    edit: outdated post
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2013
  8. mfrench

    mfrench Addicted Member

    On the West Side of Rainbow
    An acquaintance put this together with a Target Store rolling kitchen island cart.
    Its based on a VPI wand, with a wet/dry vac inside the cabinet. He also stores cleaning supplies in the drawer. Its a pretty nice cleaning station. Its a non-powered, hand-turned platter.

    Last edited: Aug 31, 2010
  9. rally

    rally Member

    vacuum pump

    If building a RCM isn't daunting enough - add this to make it even more of a challenge

    It would need some further modifications for an RCM application but seems like a possibility
  10. dodog

    dodog Addicted Member

    Iowa City, IA
    Can anyone recommend a high-torque, low RPM motor that one could use to either spin a platter directly or via belt? I see several such as these (no affiliation)

    but I'm unsure what specs I should be looking for. It would be great to hook up a little 12V DC motor (if the torque was right) and use a wall-wart to power it. Also, if one were to use a wall-wart (or similar AC to DC converter), how would one convert the warts plug to two leads that could clip onto/attach to the motor's poles?

    Unfortunately, ice-cream makers and the like don't show up at my GWs and I don't think my wife would be keen on me ripping apart our vacuum to use it's motor. Any suggestions for a motor in the $25 (or less) range, the smaller the better, would be welcome.
  11. spideyjack

    spideyjack Addicted Member

    Thanks for all the hard work compiling this! I have been reading with great interest. I am following Brett a's design.


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  12. sxty8goats

    sxty8goats Super Member

    South o' Boston
    I really like that set up. It really opens up the scope of what I was thinking of doing. And there is a lot of room on the table top if you want to expand it and add fluid feed tubes / motors. Very cool.
  13. sabocat

    sabocat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    If you DO find that PLEASE post it!! I use the GEM Dandy in conjunction with a Walgreens steamcleaner and a VPI for really dirty records.
  14. dnpainting

    dnpainting AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Southern CA
    Thank you DC, outstanding job putting this together.

  15. djnagle

    djnagle Lunatic Member

    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Very cool Don. I was thinking about how I would make up the suck wand and now I have many examples to chose from.

    Don: what does K8BB mean. Are you a ham?
  16. DC

    DC "Manhattan Boy" Subscriber

    Seminole Hills, Michigan


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  17. djnagle

    djnagle Lunatic Member

    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Right, I remember seeing anteni in your back yard. OK, back on topic.
  18. wowazeplin

    wowazeplin Member

    Syracuse, NY
    Evening all, I've got a thread on my version of a thread buffer RCM I posted in the DIY forum a month or so ago. Got a nice Vacuum pump off ebay since then and It's working real nice now, just have to finish up the enclosure...

  19. js1138

    js1138 Super Member

  20. oldvinyldude

    oldvinyldude AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Buckeystown Maryland
    Hey RCM fabricators:

    I am wondering if anyone has been successful using friction drive on the platter?

    I have a thought to use a small gearmotor, about 60 rpm, to drive a plastic pully that has a rubber ring on it's edge, (out of an HP printer). Basically like an idler drive. My donor platter has a finished surface that the belt originally drove. It would give me about a 1:7 reduction to the platter from 60rpm=9 rpm platter speed. I even thought about using 2 motors, mounted 180 degrees apart.

    Here's the gearmotors I had in mind:

    They are also reversible, which simplifies things. It's amazing how few descriptions fail to include CCW or CW rotation.



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