DIY turntable - build a VPI like turntable on a piece of live edge bur

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by doji, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. doji

    doji New Member

    I am new to turntable DIY.

    I have a fantasy - build a nice looking turntable on a piece of live edge bur wood. It can be VPI like setup -
    * An external motor (found 'Jasmine Audio' motor for $300 on eBay)
    * A thick platter (metal or anything else, found some on eBay about $400~ $600)
    * A tonearm (something like RPM250 ?)

    Looks like already over $1K.

    My cheaper Plan B:
    * find a vintage Dual turntable , something like a cheap sell for parts. Dig out the motor/control board, platter /bearing spindle.
    * Get a Rega tonearm used.

    Put all into the live edge base. In this plan, the cost should be half than the first idea.

    Can someone share some idea? Or if you have some BOM list you can share. I don't want to go crazy with the spending, but want to get a good setup with fair nice sound.

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  2. elcoholic

    elcoholic Jet Fuel Genius Subscriber

    Fountain Valley, CA
    Just a comment on the plinth. Solid burl tends to be unstable with changes in humidity. Burl is the result of some damage to the tree and there is no predictable grain structure. If you’re thinking burl stick with veneer. For stability in solid wood look for a species with a tangental to radial shrinkage ratio as close to 1:1. Then look for a riftsawn or quartersawn live edge slab. Air dried is always preferable to kiln dried for stability as well as appearance. That will be the most dimensionally stable slice of the tree for you to put all your work into. Looking forward to following your project.
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  3. doji

    doji New Member

    wow! that's a lot deep into the wood stuff.
    I thought of the uncertainty with burl live edge material, was thinking of making a platform out of it as the first idea. but I really want to have a turntable growing on a piece of natural live edge, so I'm gonna do it just for the looking :)
  4. MisterDK

    MisterDK Well-Known Member

    Sawmill Mountain - USA
    If you can find a Rek-O-Kut K-33H on the cheap, you’ll have a good motor (Papst), and a decent platter with very good bearing. I bought one for just such a project.

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