DMV folks...Where you at?

Discussion in 'Regional Clubs' started by madmonda, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Capitol C

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    Washington, DC
    Thanks for starting this forum. I didn't know about the Capitol Audiofest, I'm sorry I'll have to wait until November 2017!
    Relatively recently I recapped, refoamed, and (sadly) replaced the tweeters in the AR-3a's I bought when I was in college. I'm currently repairing the AR-AU amp I bought at the same time, it went out just before the speakers were restored. (Bad luck, that.) I'm also looking around at speakers to go with my modern set-up after the amp is repaired and restored. No budget for super components, but I'm having a lot of fun with what I can afford.
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  2. bobca

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    I am in Haymarket, VA, same as Johan. I am currently refurbishing & fixing my Yamaha CR-1020 which I have owned since original purchase at Myer Emco, if you remember that retailer. I use the CR to drive two Polk Audio M10 speakers I purchased several years after the CR. My initial speakers were JBL 110's, also from Myer Emco. I am keen for a get together when/if anyone would like to.
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    Northern Va.
    Yes, it would be nice to put faces to some of these names.


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