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Do Digital Audio Devices Degrade Over Time?

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by SWL3600, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. SWL3600

    SWL3600 Super Member

    Twin Lakes, WI
    Age and how much use you have on your digital component has me wondering. In todays 'throw away' world, how long can I expect my digital audio components to last?

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  2. savatage1973

    savatage1973 Super Member

    NW Pennsylvania snow belt
    ALL electronic components degrade/fail over time, regardless of "wear and tear" or just age. Digital is not immune. Your digital audio components will degrade like any other audio component. Depending on the quality of components used in the build ~20-25 years is the best of their "good" years--some less, some more--just depends on a lot of factors--use, storage, etc.
  3. Quadman2

    Quadman2 Super Member


    Plus the wear and tear of the listener!:D

    This is a factor that many don't take into account as their sys doesn't seem up to snuff any more.

    Just saying'.


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