Do you have a demanding pet at home?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by gearhound, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. JHS2RT

    JHS2RT and Miss Sasha Subscriber

    Vero Beach,Florida
    Take a look at my avatar --- and tell me she looks so spoiled - she owns me...


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  2. Ed in Tx

    Ed in Tx Super Member

    I have a handicapped parrot that demands a lot of care and attention. He wasn't this way until he had a stroke about 5 years ago. He just turned 24 in November. I've had him since he was 5 weeks old. He doesn't seem to realize he's handicapped and occasionaly falls to the bottom of his cage, or forgets he can't open and close his toes properly, tries to climb around and gets caught up in the cage and I have to untangle him from the bars. Can be real issue for me because I can't leave him alone for more than an hour or so at a time, and I don't know of any parrot-sitters that can handle him.

    The old man and his old bird...

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  3. Celt

    Celt Moody Mod Staff Member Super Mod

    Paragould, Arkansas
    Yup....when Yeller bow-wow wants something, she wants it THEN...and dammit, no waiting!
    Whether it's cheese, walkies or tummy rubs. She expects me to drop everything and tend to her needs.
    Not any different than most little kids.


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  4. Bstable

    Bstable Super Member

    Fredericksburg Va.
    Tarl...How is it that the big dog got the small bed, and the small dog got the big bed? :scratch2:
  5. jimfet

    jimfet AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I would kick Dookie Dawgs ass, but he's a Ninja.

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  6. Tarl Of Gor

    Tarl Of Gor AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Shelbyville, IN

    The small doggie is a male and wears the pants. :D


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  7. Svt

    Svt Super Member

    Pensacola, FL
    My birds simply say "feed me" when they are hungry. no guessing what they want in my house....
  8. ZebraBlvd

    ZebraBlvd AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Southeast Indiana - Tri-State
    Currently living in the Looney Bin is Gandalf the Chocolate Lab, Lucy the Bassett (aka Her Majesty), Archimedes the African Grey and Touche the Box Turtle.

    To answer the question of this thread, I will answer with another question: Do woodchuck's chuck wood?
  9. chillwolf

    chillwolf "Play 'em off!"

    Well I don't need an alarm clock, as I get woken up every morning between 6-6:30 by 2 barking Chihuahuas and 1 Pomeranian letting me know they are ready to go out. And they won't stop barking until I get up and give in to their demands!
  10. djv8ga

    djv8ga Super Member

    Sonoran Desert
    Marshall demands fresh food & Ice water or he flips his bowls & rolls up the mats.. He also hogs the fan.
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  11. SuperjazzyJa

    SuperjazzyJa 18 Wheel Member Subscriber

    The 2 cats I had demanded my affection when they wanted it and not much else. Humans don't own cats, cats own humans. If you forget that, you'll pay the price.


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  12. Dave_1962

    Dave_1962 Lunatic Member

    Ontario, Canada
    My cat Fraidycat wakes me up every morning by sinking her claws into my nose or lip and/or biting my chin. This usually starts around 6 am and repeats with increasing frequency and intensity until I get up and feed her. This has gone on since day one and she's 8 yrs. old now and as reliable as Big Ben. I don't need snooze function with her around! Every time I sit on the couch she glues herself to me. In this pic she is where she spends a lot of her time every night laying on my chest staring at me ruling with an iron paw. Her paws are about an inch from my chin ready to grab my lip or my nose when she decides that I'm paying too much attention to a movie rather than worshipping her with belly rubs.
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  13. SuperjazzyJa

    SuperjazzyJa 18 Wheel Member Subscriber

    ^^ Pretty kitty! :thumbsup:
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  14. vonclod

    vonclod AK Subscriber Subscriber

    My cat Riff is pretty demanding, wakes me up at 8 am sharp..never assaults me though:whip:..just looks at me with sad eyes. He is a really good cat though, never in 11 years touched a speaker or messes with me gear.
    Loves to hang out with us.
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  15. Eddie Edirol

    Eddie Edirol Active Member

    New Jersey
    My gf has 3 italian greyhounds, and they have her trained. Getting up at 5 for feeding, they crap all over the floor (multiple times per day) and she has to clean it up, she takes them on walks and they do nothing until they get back into her apt.
    She has no interest in training them (she has no idea how much better her life would be) And thats why they arent allowed at my house.
  16. bobsvinyl

    bobsvinyl Painfully Aware Subscriber

    Milford, NH
    We have 3 cats and a dog but only the two sister calicos are really demanding. Popi and Gracie are like tag team wrestlers and take turns destroying our house. We have to lock up all food because they have figured out how to open drawers and doors. I watched Popi open my son's bedroom door by sitting on the edge of a love seat and turning the door knob with her paws.

    They spend hours chasing each other around the house and have knocked over and broken a small television, a pole lamp and several sculptures and vases. Any dishes, containers or boxes left on the counters in the kitchen get pushed off.

    When I feed them and take out the container, Popi tries to bite me or scratch me to hurry me up. Even with their faults, they have won our hearts and we spoil them all the time.
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  17. savatage1973

    savatage1973 Addicted Member

    NW Pennsylvania snow belt
    There is a very popular bumper sticker around these parts--issued by a local animal shelter--it is a simple paw-print with the words "Who Adopted Who?". I think that is a very valid sentiment.

    My Max is a purebred German Shepherd dog from a breeder that breeds pretty much exclusively for military/law enforcement applications. He is brutally protective and loyal, and constantly on some level of alert. As he is on the very large end of the breed standard, he is now living on borrowed time (almost 12 years old--about 3 years past his life expectancy), but is still "doing his job"--when he no longer can, or it pains him to do so, I will let him go--I owe him that dignity/respect.

    As for demanding--he demands my attention (and half the bed), but other than that, not much more. Perhaps he has gotten a little more demanding in his later years, as he needs out more frequently, and can't eat like a trash can anymore without digestive issues, but I wouldn't trade him for the world.

    BTW--this is my dog that has been 165' up in an aerial lift on job sites--he likes to watch the "little people" on the ground.
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  18. C6Bill

    C6Bill AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hanson MA
    My puppy alarm clock, she likes to lick my face to wake me up at 6:30 every morning. She is only 10 months old so we are still working on which days that should or should not happen lol


    Luckily the other 2 like to sleep late

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  19. whoaru99

    whoaru99 Epic Member

    No, but the neighbors cat is rather demanding at times. If she is outside and sees me she will briskly trot over for some affection.

    First time I was actually a bit worried the cat was sick as I'd never before encountered a cat so friendly with a stranger.
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  20. Quadman2

    Quadman2 Super Member


    Here I was, bitchin' cause this toddler, a Sheltie, Ian by name has been ruling the roost for the past two. But after going through the prev posts, I sure feel a lot better about my predicament...not that I'm not complaining....yet! Give me time, eh?

    Trouble with this mutt, a pedigree really...papers to prove this. I don't even have these! Is, he is too damned smart! I complained about him in another thread, and it's gotten worse, with the wifey not helping with this issue either. She always takes his side. Guess he's better looking?

    He has his toast in the morning, but looks at you until I trim the crusts off. Pampered, nah! Just...privilidged. Hell, I'm lucky to get an egg boiled!

    From day one, he's had us figured out. Knows our weak spots. The look he gives? Doesn't whine, but can talk, least HE thinks he can. But he DOES get his point across, with a better "batting average" better than mine with the wifey! :)

    Bottom line...nice to know that others are in like situations with their pets...misery loves company!

    Bring it on! More posts please. It helps!

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