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Discussion in 'Headphones' started by wetshaver, Jul 28, 2014.

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    The MDR-7506 / MDR-V6 are very bright, mostly in the upper vocal range, and I have to assume that is why they are so popular in broadcasting (easy to hear people talking). I agree that their bass is pretty flat, certainly not boomy or bloated, and actually quite punchy. In the higher frequencies though, these have to be one of the least flat headphones I can possibly think of. I used them for years as my main headphone, and the brightness never went away. Thankfully as long as I was able to use EQ to flatten out the brightness, they were great.

    Sony MDR-7506 / MDR-V6 Frequency Response:


    I picked up a counterfeit MDR-V6 a while back and had the chance to compare it to a legit MDR-V6 (MDR-V6 and MDR-7506 are the same headphone). Looks like the thread is still there if anyone is curious:
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    Sony 7506 and MDR V6 are not the exact same. Sony wanted a little more bass with the V6, Midrange has a bit of a dip and highs not as pronounced. Subtle, but most notice the bass right away.

    I stand corrected on "flat" for the 7506. I should have said "Very flat with the bass and mids up to 4k" and a bump in the highs from 7 to 10k. It rolls off just at the very high end past 10k. I can't hear much past that anyway and to me, does sound very flat with the bright high end.

    I too cut the high end -3db around 10k and enjoy them. But bass is flat, not boomy or pronounced.
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