Drugolf Hits A Hole-in-One!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Dave B., Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Dave B.

    Dave B. AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Pa.
    Dave ("Drugolf") sold me a pair of incredibly sweet, small AR speakers for a terrific price. They arrived this morning.

    Please note that I've received more AK, eBay, and other private-sale shipments than I can count. Dave's packaging job goes right to the top of my Insanely Well-Packaged List. Fabulous job, Dave!

    I told my wife that I'm saving Dave's box in case I ever have to send a kidney to a needy recipient (or a liver to one of my dear AK friends!). I'll just throw some dry ice in the box with it and have no worries about it getting there safely.

    These little AR beauties look even better in person than they did in Dave's HD pictures. So, my thanks to him for the terrific deal, communication, and packaging. It was a pleasure doing business with Dave. It will be for you, too. Don't hesitate!

    Thanks again, Dave. You're a six-star AKer!



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