DTS via Chromecast causing havoc with my DAC

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by lattiboy, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. lattiboy

    lattiboy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hi all,

    My current setup is a Chromecast (gen2) running to an HDMI audio extractor (set to 2CH PCM) and then optical out to a Musical Fidelity vDac2. There is a projector in the mix which I use a few times a week for movies, but this setup is 80% Tidal streaming.

    For whatever reason the Chromecast is attempting to pass through the DTS signal of my movie audio to the vDac which then produces horrible squelching noise.

    Is there a good (mid fi) DAC that can handle/convert DTS signals or another device/setup that would work?



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  2. whoaru99

    whoaru99 Epic Member

    There is no "DAC" that will do it. You need a decoder somewhere along the line. DACs, relative to plain of stereo, only work with PCM signal, not Dolby Digital or DTS bitstreams.

    Is there no option in Chromecast to force PCM only output?

    There appears to be standalone gadgets (meaning short of a full-fledged pre/pro / AVR) out there that do what you want but I have no direct experience using them. An example here, albeit at a price. https://www.avprostore.com/4K-UHD-Dolby-Digital-DTS-Stereo-Decoder-p/ac-adm-auhd.htm

    Who knows what might be uncovered with more digging. :dunno:
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  3. hnash53

    hnash53 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The beautiful Oregon Coast
    I don't have any specific answer except to share what's happened with my system.

    I have a vintage quad receiver that I use for everything audio and video. I've had issues with HDMI inputs into a J-tech device that splits out audio as well as an HDMI multi-switch. Passing the HDMI signal through so many devices sometimes causes issues. For example, I have a Roku 3 device that when plugged into the HDMI switcher won't display video. But when I plug it directly into my TV bypassing all that other stuff, it worked.

    For what it's worth...

    Best wishes.
  4. for_p1

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    Northern TX
    HDMI audio extractor usually has two modes - PCM and bitstream (DD/DTS). You may need to switch modes. My device of that type (Kanex) defaults to bitstream on power on and needs a button push to use PCM only. PCM mode also allows high-res stereo processing, bitstream is limited to 16/48.

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