Dts-x vs atmos

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by 91firebird, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. 91firebird

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    Well being a movie sound nut and having a nice denon av reciever,I really liked atmos but now that I have
    Dts-x based movies,I must say i like the dtsx over atmos.i think it has better front high speaker sound and
    Better over all from front to rear sound all around sound.atmos is great but I give the edge to dtsx.and there
    Is a great number of movies with the dtsx sound.well all you sound nuts what are your feelings on the
    On atmos or dtsx matter
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  2. Audiofreak71

    Audiofreak71 Boerboelicious Subscriber

    I always found that DTS sounded better ever since the very first encoding of the Dolby Digital vs DTS wars started. DTS always sounded uncompressed where as Dolby always sounded a bit rolled off and constrained , DTS X sounds much better than Dolby Atmos imo.

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  3. tcdriver

    tcdriver AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Valley of Heart's Delight
    I do not yet have any movie that has both Dolby ATMOS and dts:X, so, I have not been able to do a direct comparison. It seems that the optimum height channels speaker placement is different for the two formats which could make a difference in one's format preference, depending on which format one's room is set up for. Which format are you optimally set up for?

    I believe that both formats are lossless and both formats are object-based, so, the sound quality should be capable of being equally good with both formats. My setup is optimized for Dolby ATMOS. I have played movies that use both formats and they both have sounded good. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing if the dts:X encoded movies would sound substantially better if the speakers were optimized for dts:X.

    As for music, the only discs I have on either format are Dolby ATMOS encoded. I have not yet seen or heard any dts:X music discs. The other format that I have not heard is Auro-3D. It seems that there may be more music discs in the Auro-3D format than Dolby ATMOS. I do have a couple of music discs that are Auro-3D encoded, however; I do not presently have the decoder capability. Have you heard Auro-3D music? If so, what is your impression?
  4. damacman

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    Gilbert, AZ
    No dts:X compatibility here, but I've often wondered about it. To date, I've never heard a demo. Atmos has blown me away, so if dts:X is better, that's saying something.

    No Auro-3D compatibility here either . . .

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