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Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by 91firebird, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. 91firebird

    91firebird Active Member

    Well my denon 730h reciever has dts neutral x and it sounds like atmos to me.must be the dts answer
    To atmos.it sounds like atmos my reciever shows dts neutral x on the the display checking the active speaker read out shows front high speakers are active.


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  2. tcdriver

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    There are similarities between Dolby Surround (Atmos) and dts Neural:X. They both will up-mix two-channel stereo or multi-channel sound sources to use all the speakers in a system that utilizes "height", "Dolby Enabled" speakers and/or ceiling speakers. In my experience, using a 7.1.4 system with ceiling speakers, I have had much better results up-mixing using Dolby Surround (Atmos) in comparison to dtx Neural:X. Of course, results vary depending on the specific source material. I imagine that systems that use a single pair or two pair of "height" speakers may have different results.
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  3. 91firebird

    91firebird Active Member

    Yes you are right I just have front high speakers mounted on the wall .but I did find the auto calibrate mike to my
    Setting area work well just had to do,some minor changes.just got solo and Skyscrapper both atmos will check them
    Out today

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