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  1. Cadillac Kid

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    Anytime you can avoid a trip to Cleveland is a good thing!

    Congratulations Golden State!
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  2. MaxxVolume

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    Bunch of people on a city bus, one of them a man dressed in full Middle Eastern garb. As he picked up his two bags of groceries and proceeded to exit the bus, a woman sitting across the aisle noticed that he had dropped his wallet on the seat. Being a Good Samaritan, she picked it up and ran after him. "Sir", she said," you dropped your wallet", and handed it to him.

    He thanked her profusely, and remarked "Madam, I am a man of simple means, and can not afford to give you a monetary reward....I can, however, give you some very good advice....tell all your friends and relatives to avoid going to Cleveland".

    Alarmed, she cried "WHY ???? Is there going to be a terrorist attack there ?"

    "No", he replied, "the place is a shithole !"
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  3. Cadillac Kid

    Cadillac Kid Addicted Member

    Much respect for King James. Late in the forth quarter he was almost single handledly taking GS.
  4. fmcsonoma

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    Sacramento, CA
    Almost is always a loss. No denying James greatness, but the last half of the 4th Q, they just let him have his way in the paint. Trading buckets with a 10 point lead is not a bad strategy when the clock is ticking.

    Cavs weakness in transition and d was exposed. Wonder where James goes after next year? Spurs? Lakers?

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