EIA codes...learn to love them!

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by Sam Cogley, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Sam Cogley

    Sam Cogley Last of the Time Lords Subscriber

    SW Missouri
    Thanks! :thmbsp:


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  2. Retrovert

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    New York City, NY
    Yes, thanks. I snagged the new info.
  3. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    Any help for output xmrs with "100" on them as the first 3 #s in a 6 digit string?

    Anyone? Anyone? No?

  4. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

  5. Jon_J

    Jon_J New Member

    Peoria, Illinois
    It sure needs to be...
  6. Patrick620

    Patrick620 Audio Enthusiast

    Wichita, Ks.


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  7. bobabode

    bobabode AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Thanks mods for 'stickifying' this. :yes:
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  8. ken99

    ken99 Active Member

    Most of the time the EIA code is a clue to who made the tube, but unfortunately, not always. Some manufacturers bought tubes from other manufacturers and labeled them as their own, complete with their own EIA code! I have seen several tubes labeled like this. If you know what you are looking for and know the physical structure of the tube you are looking for, you will most likely not be fooled by these improper EIA codes, but they still fool me now and then. Westinghouse did this a lot. The only way I can find out if it was truly made by Westinghouse (they bought a lot of RCA tubes and labeled them as their own, complete with the 337 code) is to check the getter. They had two wires on the end of their square getters. This is a true Westinghouse tube, and not an RCA or another manufacturer.

    Happy tube hunting everyone!

  9. Sam Cogley

    Sam Cogley Last of the Time Lords Subscriber

    SW Missouri
    I've seen a handful of those, though most of the ones I've seen of that nature have omitted the EIA code entirely. Tubes labeled for the major organ manufacturers (Lowrey, Baldwin, Hammond, etc.) are quite common used tube finds, and they're almost always labeled with the EIA code of the original manufacturer. Still, it's good to keep in mind that the EIA code may not be the last word on who manufactured a tube - and Westinghouse didn't make many tubes in-house, so the vast majority of their tubes are relabels. 7591s being a notable exception.
  10. knockbill

    knockbill Addicted Member

    SE PA
  11. toxcrusadr

    toxcrusadr Omelette au Fromage Subscriber

    Central Missouri


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  12. bryans12v

    bryans12v Marantz Junkie Subscriber

    Hudson Valley, NY
    Tubes and CRT's EIA code
    Amperex (USA) 111
    Bendix 125
    DuMont 158
    Eimac (Eitel-McCullough, Inc) 162
    Electronic Tube Corp 169
    General Electric Co (USA) 188
    Hytron (CBS-Hytron) 210
    Machlett 231
    RCA (Radio Corp of America) 274
    Raytheon 280
    Superior Tube Co 310
    Sylvania (Hygrade Sylvania Corp) 312
    Tung-Sol 322
    United Electronics 323
    Western Electric 336
    Westinghouse 337
    Zenith Radio Corp (CRT's) 343
    Nortn American Philips Corp 423
    Taylor (aka Cetron-Taylor) 713
    Lewis & Kaufman 738
    National Electronics (also Cetron) 749
    Penta Laboratories 771
    Vacuum Tube Products 781
    Varian Associates 809
    Litton Industries 879
    Electrons, Inc 935
    Capacitors EIA code
    Aerovox Corp 102
    American Condensor 109
    Centralab 134
    Chicago Condensor 135
    Aerovox Hi-Q Division 163
    John E Fast 178
    General Electric 188
    Mallory 235
    Micamold 240
    Millen 242
    Radio Condensor Company 273
    Solar 296
    Sprague 303
    Gudeman 438
    Good-All 446
    Barker & Wiiliamson 461
    Pyramid 472
    United Condensor 516
    Electrical Utilities Corp 569
    Illinois Capacitor (Condensor) 616
    American Radionic 648
    Sangamo 658
    Ajax 705
    Standard Condensor 710
    RMC (Radio Materials Corp) 732
    Condensor Manufacturers 885
    Transformers & Coils EIA code
    Stancor (Chicago-Standard) 138
    Coil Engineering 141
    Ensign Coil 172
    Freed 183
    General Radio 194
    Jefferson Electric 218
    Thordarsen-Meissner 238
    Merit Coil & Transformer 239
    Standard Coil 305
    Essex (Transformer Division) 352
    New York Transformer 366
    Altec Lansing-Peerless 391
    Foster Transformer 394
    General Transformer 412
    United Transformer Corp (UTC) 418
    Radio-Television Products Corp 489
    Empire Coil 452
    Caledonia 503
    Triwec Transformer 524
    Midwest Coil & Transformer 549
    Standard Winding Co 550
    F & V Coil Winding 572
    Woodward-Schumacher 606
    Central Coil 637
    Electrical Windings 682
    Grand Transformers 757
    Forest Electric 773
    Ogden Coil & Transformer 776
    Triad 830
    Better Coil & Transformer 831
    Acro Products (Acrosound) 878
    Mohawk 883
    American Transformer 892
    Tresco 897
    Coilcraft 906
    Aerocoil 908
    Acme Coil & Transformer 928
    Magnetic Coil Mfring 933
    Northlake 1005
    Pacific 1052

    Resistor & Potentiometers EIA code
    Allen-Bradley 106
    Centralab 134
    CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply) 137
    Clarostat 140
    Erie 173
    IRC (International Resistance Co) 214
    Mallory 235
    Muter 244
    Ohmite 251
    Speer 300
    Stackpole 304
    Ward Leonard 532
    Milwaukee Resistor 722
    Dale 816
    Atlas 932
    Speakers (Drivers only, not cabinets) EIA Code
    CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply) 137
    Jensen 220
    Magnavox 232
    DuKane (Operadio Corp) 252
    Quam (Quam-Nichols) 270
    Rola 285
    Utah 328
    Western Electric 336
    Altec Lansing Corp 391
    North American Philips (Norelco) 423
    Oxford 465
    Waldom Electronics 555
    Electro-Voice 649
    Russell Speaker Co 748
    Quincy Speaker Mfr Corp 767
    Klipsch 843
    University 847
    Oaktron 934
    Other commonly seen manufacturers

    Company Product Code
    Admiral Corp TV's, Radios 101
    Alpha Wire 733
    Amphenol Sockets, plugs 554
    ATR Vibrators 551
    Anaconda Wire 547
    Arvin Sears radios & TV's 248
    Astatic Phono cartridges 345
    Belden Wire 579
    Bell Amps 708
    Bogen Amps 589
    BIC British imports 409
    Cannon Connectors 440
    Cinch Sockets, connectors 139
    Collins Radio gear 439
    Connector Corp Sockets, connectors 888
    Consolidated Wire 607
    Crosley Radios 152
    Drake RF gear 851
    DuKane (Operadio) Amps 252
    Eby Sockets 160
    Empire Phono cartridges 452
    Essex Wire 175
    Gates RF gear 187
    General Cement Adhesives, Testor's paint 396
    General Radio Test Equip 194
    Hallicrafters Ham & SW gear 199
    Hammarlund Ham & SW gear 201
    Harmon-Kardon Hi-fi gear 794
    Hickok Test Equip 508
    International Rectifier Semiconductors 845
    Jackson Tube Testers 216
    E F Johnson Sockets, ham xcvrs 222
    Kester Solder 224
    Keystone Hardware 699
    Lenz Wire 228
    Littelfuse Fuses 230
    McIntosh Hifi gear 793
    Methode Connectors 720
    James Millen Sockets 242
    Muntz Cheap TV's 772
    National Co Ham & SW gear, hifi 245
    Newcomb Amps 437
    Packard Bell TV's radios computers 254
    Philco Radios & TV's 260
    Philmore Hardware 262
    Pickering (Stanton) Phono cartridges 631
    Pilot Hifi tuners & amps 264
    Pioneer Cheap recievers 706
    Precision (Grommes) Hifi & PA amps 871
    Radio Craftsmen Hifi gear 275
    J P Seeburg Jukeboxes 289
    Shure Brothers Phono carts, mics 590
    Mark Simpson (MASCO) PA Amps 295
    Simpson Electric Meters 614
    Sonotone Phono cartridges 787
    Tetrad Phono cartridges 842
    Triplett Test equipment 321
    Wells-Gardner Monkey Wards radios 334
    Weston Test Equipment 338
    Zenith Radios & TV's 343
  13. toxcrusadr

    toxcrusadr Omelette au Fromage Subscriber

    Central Missouri
    Just wanted to say, it's always good to have several links ready if you can't find a number. I've been using the above 1994 list for awhile and it failed me this week: it doesn't list 575, Heppner. Anyone messing with old speakers needs Heppner. :cool:

    Other lists posted on this thread:

    http://www.thespeakershop.com/speakerrepair/eiacodes.html No Heppner
    1961 EIA list http://www.thespeakershop.com/speakerrepair/eiacodes.html Has Heppner!
    http://www.triodeel.com/eiacode.htm Very short list - no Heppner.

    I'm bookmarking that 1961 list and also the Speakershop one because it's all speakers which makes it a handy reference for that.
  14. Patrick620

    Patrick620 Audio Enthusiast

    Wichita, Ks.
    Check this bad boy list out, wow. Maybe some of you have seen this one, I have not. Good for some more obscure stuff that is hard to find. WOW! I am saving this one to the HD before the site goes down at some point. The list of all lists that I have ever seen.. http://audiophool.com/Misc/1962_EIA_codes.pdf
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  15. mstap42

    mstap42 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central KY
    Audiophool's "Technophool page" has several lists of EIA codes, including the one linked above by Patrick620 and Dave Levasseur's 1994 EIA Source and Date Code list (mentioned above by toxcrusadr and others).
  16. FidgetMaster

    FidgetMaster Active Member

    There's no 6l6s leftttt anyways man...unless go look at auctions or grandmas attic or basement man lol.
    The RCAs and Phillips stuff is worth going looking for, while only a few of the GEs were that good man.

    Or else some of these old stashes have BB man...the good ones 50s Lp's and stuff I'll sell ya this last strong one...but it like belongs in a Museum or something.
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  17. Supercool!

    Supercool! AK Subscriber Subscriber

    New York 10306
    You guys rock! Thank you all for such great info!
  18. kve777

    kve777 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    South Jersey, near Philly
    I've been looking for hours trying to find a manufacturer of code 417 for some 6" RCA midranges with phenolic cones.

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