EICO HF-22 couple, bringing back to life.

Discussion in 'Eico Place' started by Morzh, Mar 19, 2018.

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    Probably should've posted that here in the first place but...mea culpa.
    So I will continue here, in EICO place.
    The previous thread is at the link above.

    The last post by self:

    Have finished recapping.
    I went ahead with restuffing the twistlocks. The mentioned before high ripple Panasonic 22uF caps went inside. One of the twist tabs on each cap got soldered to the chassis.
    I used Sprague Atom TVA series for low-voltage axial feedback electrolytic caps.
    I used Vishay Röderstein film caps for the film caps that needed to be replaced. Which is all except 0.1uF interstage DC blockers, which were just fine.
    I also replaced the 0.033uF Death Caps with X2/Y2 safety type.
    Had to replace 220K resistors, were way out of spec, the rest seems very good.

    Now to the tubes.
    I will need full set of tubes for one amp and some for the other. However since tubes, at least the output, need to be somewhat mached, I think I'll go with full two sets.

    Which brings me to the question: what mfrs would you recommend for ....all of them? Especially for the 6L6GC?

    Also need shields for EF86.

    And the last one: where could I get the RCA jacks, the panel mount type with two-screw mount? Mine are oxidized, I'd like to replace them.


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    Tubes, Jim Mc Shane. Burns them in and will sell you a matched pair (s). I run mine with out EF86 shields, You could try it. RCA jacks. You can rehab them or do what I did. Bought some off Mouser. Turned down and made a for looks only gasket. Good luck. Wayne
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  4. Morzh

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    No back to the amps:

    Soon after the last post I contacted Jim McShane and ordered the tubes. Ordered in pair - Jim is good at that, always has matched supply. He also got me a couple of EF86 shields he happened to have. Being extra scrupulous guy, he said that the shields would need some polishing but I found no fault with them - I am not a "shine it all" type, but they were clean and unoxidized so I just left them be.
    The tubes I put in are the Tung-Sol re-issue 6L6GC and EF86, plus a couple of used but testing as new 5U4 Philco tubes Jim had for sale.
    I tested the amps on the bench using a small 7" 8 Ohm radio PM speaker. Just to check functionality.

    Then I put in on the shelf. It took me about 3 weeks or so to fully test it as I was not willing to disassemble my primary system. What I did was buy another (this time - used but fairly new) SA-14S1 SACD player and C22 pre-amp (this time original) with a working set of tubes (uses some JJ and a couple of Fenders).

    Here it is now:

    The speakers are the second pair of Klipsh Cornwalls I bought about 1-1/2 years ago cheaply (well, they are in great shape structurally but don't look too spiffy so I only paid $500 for them).
    What could I say.....it sounds great. I listened to newly bought Tom Petty and Lynyrd Skynyrd CDs, then to some Bach organ from Orgelbuchlein. Very nice.
    I ordered the new set of 12AX7 tubes for the C22 from Jim, this time B759 Genalexes and the LPS Sovteks (all Russian), the latter for phono input, plus some to experiment: ECC803S and a couple of good Mullard ECC83 (I want to see for myself if and how it affects the sound). I expect though it all to sound better as at least one of the Fenders tested kinda low (I have Hickok 600A). Maybe I will use them to place-hold the phono input when not playing vinyl to save the Sovteks from wearing unnecessarily.

    Well, this almost concludes it.

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