Electro Voice Nine speakers find.... Worth?

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    Hey. Just picked up a pair of Electro-Voice Nine, EV9 speakers and I'm having a little trouble finding references to what these 60s speakers may be worth. These aren't the better known EV models with horns, but still seem pretty well thought of. They have sealed cabinets with 10" woofer and a Peerless mid and tweeter. Not in perfect shape, but not terrible either. Both seem to be all original drivers, but I'm hesitant to open them up after I read about how the speaker are all set with silicone seals.. almost glued in place.

    One speakers grille had previously been removed and reattached with Velcro. The 2nd still was held in place by original 'pins' (think nails without heads). The 2nd also appears to not be well sealed... possibly separated seams on the edges. The manual suggests to test the seal by depressing the woofer and then it should take 3 seconds to return to normal. The 2nd speaker's woofer when so tested just pops right back in a second (the first does respond slowly in about 3s, as suggested).

    I don't think the sound is all that amazing. There seems to be sharp highs and soft lows. The crossovers could probably do with some updated Low ESR caps, but I'm not sure if that really worth the effort if I do end up getting rid of them (ROI)?

    IMG_0621.JPG IMG_0629.JPG IMG_0619.JPG IMG_0628.JPG IMG_0622.JPG IMG_0625.JPG IMG_0620.JPG
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    No one know, or just no one care? :(
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    As far as value...refurbished I'd say $75-$100 tops. There isn't much of a market for the lesser known EV speakers.

    The good news though is that Peerless tweet was one of the better cone tweeters made, and with a little love these could sound pretty good.

    I'm using four of those same tweeters in some Infinity 1001’s in my garage, they sound very nice indeed.

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