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Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by HiFiThor, Apr 16, 2017.

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    What led you to believe that?
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    Well I thought I read it in their promotional material somewhere. Proudly made in TN I think. Of course how can any company make anything and survive unless it's made in China.
    Designed in USA, Made in USA and Worldwide.
    All Emotiva products are designed and engineered at our facilities in Tennessee. Our flagship products like the new XMC-1 are made in our state-of-the art production center on-site, while other products are made by our most efficient manufacturing partners, in China and around the world.
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    KC area
    As I understand they are expanding their facilities in TN. They are planning to assemble more of their products here as their facilities keep growing here. Just impressed that at least they are trying to make products here in the USA.
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    As the quote clearly points out, not all of their products are made in the USA. And when they first started building the XMC-1 and the 3rd gen amps on site, they were assembled with various PCB's and other components made in China and elsewhere. Not sure if they've tried getting some of those boards sourced and made in the US yet like Schiit has been doing since their beginning in 2010.

    Schiit makes everything in California. They started in someone's garage in fact, assembling their products just like you know who did.
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    South of Houston
    I have been using a XPA-2 amp to run a pair of old Polk SDA-2b's for over 5 years now. I just bought one of their new pt-100 pre-amps to pair with it. I have been very happy with its performance, especially considering its cost. I am not one to chase the elusive goal of the "best possible" sound or performance, whatever that might be. If, like many of us, you need good sound at a decent cost point, it is worth looking at.
  6. 7.62

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    Las Vegas
    I'm very happy with the XPA 2 Gen 2 Amplifier. It's been solid and I've pushed it to clip a few times. I did not care for the preamp I had, very sterile sounding. Moved it quickly. I'm on the fence with the ERC-3. I think the Nad unit I had may have sounded better.
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    Emotiva has earned my respect, even if somewhat grudgingly (based on new product release issues they've had in the past).

    I upgraded from a craptastic sony reciever (big, black, loud...that is all) to a $$$ Onkyo 906, thinking I'd be getting nearly TOTL sound...and it WAS a very noticeable step up...until it baked itself into hdmi NFG state, like they all do.
    So that became my last reciever (too much heat in too small a package), not to mention last onkyo. Ever.

    I replaced that with an Emo UMC-200 and their small 5 channel amp (for surround duty only, mains still on a bryston), and was really surprised that it gave me another noticeable step up in, uh, clarity/quality (insert buzzwords here).
    And I thought the 'emo-q' room correction was a step up from the onkyo's, too. (But have since moved on to REW, still a work in progress.)
    While it may be mostly a comment on how really bad that old sony was, I'm still pretty happy with it...esp from a value proposition point of view.
    The one thing that worried me was various flaming reports of 'bad support' from Emotiva, so when the -200 woke up dead (well, catatonic) one day, I had to 'roll the dice' and see just what Emotiva would "do" about it. (This was just last year, so, what 3-4 years after I bought it?).
    First suprise - they said (very nicely, too) 'No problem, just ship it back, we'll fix it'.
    Ok, so I did that, figuring to wait weeks and weeks for it to return, and a Bill.
    Second surpise - not only did I get emails from them at various handoff points within their return/repair workflow, but just a couple days later I got the one that said "done, on it's way to shipping", followed very shortly thereafter by a shipping notification/tracking # (fedex 2nd day, too).
    No charge.
    The thing actually arrived the next day, and has worked perfectly ever since.
    So, yeah, it was likely a common problem just requiring a reflash (they also upgraded it to latest version, of course, which had a few new features/fixes I was interested in), and easy for them to turn around (no intermittents for them to chase, or weird end user 'complaints' to decipher/translate), but, still, they gained real 'attaboy' points from me, and ongoing interest in their next gen processors...so, call that Loyalty, I guess.
    (BUT - I did try to reflash it myself first, and was astounded that any commercial/retail mfgr would expect that (byzantine?!) process would be acceptable to anyone, anywhere...and I've seen/used some pretty bizzare reflash methods before...couldn't get it to work, of course.)
    So, +5 stars for basic quality/performance/$, stellar service & communication (albeit on a common problem), -1/2 star for putting out a product with such a stupid silly software upgrade technique...which apparently they've learned from?.
    Bottom line? I'd buy from them again (and likely will, depending on what features I need next).
  8. runnin'

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    Just FYI on that Onkyo 906, I had the 876 for about 6 years without issue. After I bought it I heard about possible heat concerns so bought a small quiet fan to suck air out of the Onkyo and that beast rocked our theater like a champ for 6 years. I also was given a 906 with the HDMI issue and I fixed it using the tutorials online. Replaced 12 or 13 caps and then installed 5 or 6 more caps across regulators and the 906 was up and running. I must say, it had better sonics than the 876, not sure why.

    I ended up selling them both and buying a TOTL Denon 4520. From where I sit, watching Emotiva and buying several of their products, they've certainly had issues and dealt with some of them quite poorly, I'm thinking of the UMC processor which had customers talking about a class action law suit. Personally I had their XDA-1 with the nasty volume issue that they made me pay to ship for repair. The ERC-1 that would skip several seconds of the first song played(and about once a month would freeze up requiring a power cycle), and the XPA-3 that sounded okay until the day I compared it to a Parasound Halo amp. The Parasound amp blew it away. Emotiva introduces and retires too many products instead of developing and improving their lines to be taken seriously as a big player.

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