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Discussion in 'AK Fest 2010' started by iGrant, May 17, 2010.

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    Thanks for the link Ian: would not have seen this!
  3. olson_jr

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    I had pretty much the same experience in the Bogdan Room!

    From the link.......Bogdan Audio Creations
    Perhaps one of the most unique speakers at the show was the Bogdan. The gentleman who builds the speaker gave me his card, which did not have a usable email address, phone number nor his name. While he did not do so well on his advertising, his speaker was very, very good. Hearing it on Saturday with a really packed room and music that was very poorly recorded would have sent you running to Radio Shack. Fortunately, on Sunday I was able to hear the system with only a few people there and listen to music I was familiar with for a good 15 minutes.

    This is a unique speaker because it is totally hand built and finished and no CNC machines are used. The speakers on Saturday were playing through a 32 year old Sansui integrated amplifier (AU-919) and a Pioneer CD player with cables that looked, well less than very "basic". Believe me, there was nothing the least bit fancy about the components, wiring or setup. On Sunday a tube amp of probably 25 wpc was being used with the same CD player and cables. Hearing the speaker with music I was familiar with and power that was probably still well below what the speakers could use simply knocked your audio socks off, they were superb.

    They had all of the prerequisite dynamics, transparency, speed, detail and the usual well used reviewer words plus they were musical and very natural. I would love to hear them on a big tube system in a larger room. Regardless of the room, they clearly had the best bass and bass control of the show without any boom. They are $17,000 a pair and I believe he said it takes him three months to build them. They look like large lipstick tubes and are quality finished, weighing a little over 200 pounds each. These speakers may have some "unique" qualities in the conventional sense, but I do not think you will ever think about that while you are listening to them. (Pic#028).....

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