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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by corbin, May 15, 2018.

  1. corbin

    corbin Active Member

    Why do my little EPI 70s sound so good? Really feeling the Pink Floyd this evening. :D

    I've had bigger and more expensive speakers, but none have sounded as enjoyable in my bedroom system as these. They are so smooth, can listen for hours, but there isn't any apparent loss of detail. Very "musical".

    I like everything about them, even the name EPICURE which sounds badass, the elegant simple crossover, their underdog cult status compared to the ubiquitous Henry Kloss designs...

    EPI even advertised the smooth nature of their speakers, quote "accurate harmonics, low distortion, omnidirectional radiant energy, and flawless transient response make EPI speakers a never tiring experience."

    See brochure:


    Please do share your experience with EPI speakers or speakers that sound similar. Curious to hear everyones impressions, including what amplifier combinations you've found match well. Looking forward to hearing from you all!
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  2. TaddNOhio

    TaddNOhio AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I am currently waiting on a pair of EPI 100v's to arrive (starting to get impatient) .. back years ago i had a pair of the EPI T/E 100's paired up to a Marantz 2230 and they sounded fantastic. I just recently purchased a refurbished Marantz 2245 as i am putting a vintage system back together again .. i was in a shop in Columbus,OH and heard the 100V's and they sounded amazing for a 2-way with only an 8" woofer and the airspring concave dome tweeters .. i immedietely began searching for a pair online in nice condition and found them. I am really surprised not more people talk about the EPI's
  3. ryeno

    ryeno New Member

    Own EPI 500.

    They are my PC speakers. I use a Yamaha Receiver, mid-range, and optical output from my PC. My main concern is how human voice sounds and these speakers do a good job reproducing voice.

    My biggest complaint is that the woofer and mid-woofer aren't the best proportionally. i would prefer if the mid woofer was 6-6.5" rather than 4" and the woofer was 8" instead of 10". I can understand the design choice given that this was meant to be a stereo system for music back in the 1980s, rather than a modern 2.1 setup.
  4. AudioKeith

    AudioKeith AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Cape Coral, FL and Stafford, VA
    Never heard EPIs until last week when I picked up 2 pairs of 400s and a pair of 1000s to sell for someone. As a quick test powered with a Mac 1900 receiver. Totally knocked out by them and actually preferred the 400s to the 1000s. Sounded great with classical and rock. I can totally see these as part of a rock system but feel the sound would get to me if I had them on for long periods of time. Would need alternate them with my Vandersteens if I had a 2 speaker setup.
  5. ivandezande

    ivandezande Super Member

    Twin Cities
    Own the Genesis 1+ which is just a Epicure 150. It's one of those speakers that's in the class of say a Boston A70 that just does nothing super well, but everything right and any source material or genera of music just sounds pleasant. They can do no wrong and I'll be keeping them for quite a while.
  6. corbin

    corbin Active Member

    I can see that, if there's one complaint with my system it is a tiny bit of brightness (fully digital source). Considering a tube buffer actually to mellow the sound a bit but still retain a vintage SS receiver which I like for sentimental and practicality reasons. Recapping the crossover (with an electrolytic to maintain same ESR, not a film cap) may help as well.

    EPIs are still a "New England sound" speaker and actually IMO are slightly warm of neutral, but brighter than KLH or AR - or Vandersteens for that matter.
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