ERC 1405 receiver - any info?

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by eb2jim, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. eb2jim

    eb2jim Super Member

    I got one of these at a rummage sale for cheap. It is Japanese, and appears to be a early to mid 70s affair. Build-wise it looks a lot like an old Realistic I had, but it is a low watt low-end thing and good for the garage. Cleaned up nice and works fine. I am curious if anyone knows who or what ERC was, and where these things were sold.


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  2. ryuuoh

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  3. mashaffer

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  4. KentTeffeteller

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    Athens, TN
    ERC= ElectroBrand. Usually known for low end compacts. This was one of their high end components. Very nice mid fi. Likely made by Foster Electronics (now known as Fostex). Should sound nice and be reliable and easy to repair and maintain.
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  5. pll455

    pll455 New Member

    Hi - ERC stood for "Electra Radio Corporation". We had 3 of these 1405 receivers in the house at one point. They were decent, modest-power receivers with good sound and a "quadrasonic" feature as well as magnetic and ceramic turntable inputs. We bought each of them from "Tech Hi Fi" back in 1978 as part of a bundle with a pair of Studio Design bookshelf speakers and a BSR McDonald turntable. This was the perfect package for a dorm room. Some had a silver face, others had a smoked glass face, but both had green backlighting. I've replaced the drivers in my speakers a couple of times over the years, but the receiver is still running (a friend has it now.) On the back it is stamped "ERC Bayonne, NJ" but I believe it was manufactured in Japan (not sure). It's a good, solid unit that has been running for for 38 years with absolutely no problems. Hope that info is useful to someone - I know this is an old thread. :)
  6. markk

    markk Active Member

    Just picked one up today for $5. She works fine. See pic.

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