ESQUIRE: The HiFi Wigwam

Discussion in 'The Magazine Forum' started by Archguy, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Archguy

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    Richmond VA
    Never even heard of this event before!

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  2. IPADave

    IPADave Which one's Pink? Subscriber

    Interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. hemiram

    hemiram Active Member

    Toledo, ohio
    I knew a guy who spent an amazing amount of money on his stuff. I had to tell him the truth, it didn't sound all that great, I thought the top end was totally overdone. He hasn't spoken to me since. I don't exist anymore, he ignores me when I run into him once or twice a year. I'll survive.

    I still have one friend who has a very expensive and really impressive set up that is used about 70% for movies, and it's the best I've ever heard. I would say it's at least a large part due to the room he has it set up in. No parallel walls! The only flat surface is the floor. It was purpose built as a music room by the previous owner who had a full sized grand piano, a Steinway in it that his daughter had played. My friend and his wife lied to him that their daughter played the piano, and he was so thrilled he sold them the house on the spot. Well, the piano was sold off, the IRS Speakers remained, and a couple of the old Crown amps are still doing their thing, along with a lot of newer equipment. He now has a giant screen and when movies are on, the IRS is "enhanced" by 2 huge SVS tubular subs. I don't think it needs the subs, but it is impressive when something blows up and gunfire is pretty close to real sounding. Something I can't say I've heard very often on other crazy expensive set ups. Playing games on that giant screen is just crazy. I wish I had the cash to duplicate the room. The other stuff I would like, but I wouldn't put so much money into the speaker side of things, unless I had lottery level cash. Then yeah, I would go nuts.
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  4. JoeESP9

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    IME Infinity IRS's do not need any add-on subwoofers. They have their own powered subwoofer towers with 6 12"'s in each cabinet. IRS Beta's also include their own subwoofer towers. The IRS Gamma's do not have dedicated subwoofer towers. AFAIK there are no other Infinity IRS series speakers.

    For reference here is a picture of Infinity IRS'vs.
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  5. Nat

    Nat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    It was a much better informed and sympathetic article than I expected. Usually such articles focus on how much stuff costs, or how it looks, rather than the people using it, or how it sounds, and how it affects the author. And almost always such articles essentially ridicule the loony enthusiasts (making the reader feel superior) rather than trying to get inside their heads, as this one did (making the reader want to hear music reproduced exceptionally well, even if only to see what it's about).
    The writer sounds like a interesting and interested person, and it's very good journalism.
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  6. Sandstrom

    Sandstrom Seldom turns out the way it does in the song Subscriber

    Agree, a well written, entertaining and objective article...
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