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EV 1502er for bass guitar

Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by Al Rogers, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Al Rogers

    Al Rogers New Member

    some help please, I’ve acquired a pair of ev1502er cabs. Can these be modified for bass guitar? I was thinking of removing the horn and placing a 10 for mids & a 5 for hi’s. The 15’s are good and I have a 400 w x-over. Any suggestions?


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  2. valvenator

    valvenator curious bystander, serious procrastinator Subscriber

    Hi, welcome to AK. First post and in the Musical Instruments section...? That has to be a first first :)
    Have you tried the cabs as is? PA cabs pump a lot through their system including bass guitar.
    Maybe they might be good just as they are.
  3. Al Rogers

    Al Rogers New Member

    Hey thanks, no I haven’t tried them as of yet. Didn’t know how the horn would sound with bass guitar but will try it as is first before a mod. Thanks for your reply.

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