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    Dipo here again, I am ready to start retrofitting my 5000a 1040 boards, on the parts list is/are 2, 150 ohm 2 wait resistors, but I can't find, in the retrofit, where they go on the boards. Anybody out there that can help, if I missed something please let me know. Don't want to start until I know where they go.




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    I've never done one so I had to do a little digging. I read through JPdylon post in the FAQ thread and saw the reference to the 2w resistors in the BOM but also could not find reference to them in the board modification. Reading through it a second time turned up this explanation right after the BOM:

    "Start by taking it out of the case and removing the top cover and bottom covers. bleed down the power supply caps with the 150 ohm resistor to the chassis. Pull out the amp fuses so any residual energy does not get to the driver board."

    He's just using them to discharge the main caps. They are not installed on the board.

    Hope that helps.

    - Pete

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