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Fail on shipping from Japan

Discussion in 'Packing & Shipping' started by Justgotohm, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Justgotohm

    Justgotohm AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Savannah Georgiaish
    Why in the hell would they not put the drivers in the boxes? They made it but the foam did put pressure on the cones. Probably would have cut shipping in half.
    559BFB14-DD94-4BFE-B93F-AF3F41E69E8F.jpeg CAF65001-1A54-4755-BCDE-ADDFBF9BDD05.jpeg


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  2. jcamero

    jcamero Wake Up to Find Out Subscriber

    The Bright Side of Life
    Maybe a "brain freeze" and thought they were shipping an album.

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