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    In an interview the other day, Lexi said she marks her ball with a line as a visual aid when she putts. When she got to the green, she put her marker down, picked the ball up and rotated it to make the line visible, then set it back down. Normally one does this from the rear, but this time she did it from the side, making it easier to misplace the ball.
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    Thanks but what I dont get is no one putted between when she picked it up and put it down so why even pick it up in the first place? Seems to me she moved it out of a slight indention in the green as well.

    I see what the issue is though and since it appears most dont bother to put a (sharpie?) line on their ball (why is this allowed?) this gives her an unfair advantage if she places it so the line lines up to the hole. How many times has she cheated before?

    My conclusion now is that she didnt deserve the win. As far as fans (and their freeeeeking cell phones) policing though, good grief. No.

    Or Im thinking too much and she meant nothing of it.

    Should have never commented on a golf thread lol. I am about to drive down Muirfield Drive though (lots of nice conifers :).
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    If I'm not mistaken, 99.9999% of all pro golfers mark their ball. If they hit an errant shot into tall weeds or a hazard, they can identify their ball in the event there is more than one ball lost there. Hitting the wrong ball is a penalty. As far as using the mark to line up a putt, it is really no different than using the manufacturers markings for the same reason. And as far as her cheating, marking the ball is allowed, so there is no unfair advantage that isn't available to all golfers.
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    Point of order ... she may have started to move the ball, but ... did she complete the process? <G>


    That was with half a dozen officials on the field, remote review using every camera available ... and they still got it wrong. What evidence other than a fan's possibly skewed view do they have for this incident?
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    In a interview she said she puts a contact dot on her ball and concentrates on the dot when putting.
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    I think the NFL should run with this, a new profit center they're always looking for.

    Maybe set up a room in each stadium for a group of off the field officiating, say about 25 really, really big big screens with 10 or so fans paying $ 1000 to 1500 each (so say 250 fans per week -32 teams 16 games each week x16 weeks- 250x16x16x$1000= $64,000,000 per season,) watching each one for infractions. Doesn't matter when or where if they see a violation they call it, or if they see something from a replay 2 hrs old that's called too.. Doesn't matter if the games are 10 hours long, if that is what it takes to catch each and every violator so be it.

    Might be more money if the sponsors can sell shit to the Off Site Fan Officials, (OSFO's) like beer, chips, hot dogs(of course at inflated prices after all it would be a captive group -have to locked up during the game so the integrity of the game couldn't be tampered with. Could be a problem if they get too drunk to function but have to deal with that as it happens. WTH put a camera in there and sell views to the general public another profit center, might be more interesting than the games, should be good for another $16,000,000 for about $ 80 mill of new money.

    Just a few ideas to run up the flag pole, will welcome any input on this to make it better.
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