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Fastest firing gun in the world?

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoor Adventure' started by Dude111, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Dude111

    Dude111 Analogue is Awesome

    http://web.archive.org/web/20020106081445/http://www.metalstorm.com/videos/ms_36barrel_mpg.zip (10.6 Megs) - THIS IS A ZIP FILE CONTAINING AN MPG CLIP.... (WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER OR VLC NEEDED TO VIEW)

    Something kinda space-agey .... Metalstorm Ltd. developed a 100% electronic gun. That means no moving parts except the bullets,no contentional gunpowder to burn and get dirty,no shells to extract and no jamming. Above,apparently,is a multi-barrel version of the weapon. With each barrel capable of firing rates of 60,000 rounds per minute...The gun shown effectively fires at a rate of over 1 million rounds per minute.

    Ah man!!
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  2. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    Oohm my favorite no longer sci-fi gun! Loads of vids on youtube for Metalstorm. Some are ~10 years old by now. At one point I read about Metalstorm weapons pods for the AH-64 but never saw that it went beyond concept. Supposedly much lighter for equivalent rounds carried then eject empty pod and go get another.

    This one however looks like it's in nearly deployable form -

  3. 33.3/LP

    33.3/LP New Member

    Ft.Worth, TX
    Holy crap ..... Forget reloading :)
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