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fave klipsch heritage line speaks

Discussion in 'AK Polls' started by Handlebar, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Edriz

    Edriz AK Member

    modified Lascalas.


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  2. Cosmicmes

    Cosmicmes Active Member

    Ocala, Fl
    Moved up to Ohio from Miami, FLA, eh? :rant: :beatnik:
  3. eiraved

    eiraved Plane Whisperer Subscriber

    Antelope Valley, CA
    Cornwall III with Heresy II on top. I run the Heresy's with a passive Klipsch sub, which I also purchased from the seller of the Heresy pair. They go well together, and are a nice change-of-pace from the Cornwall.
    I only wish I knew the model number of that Klipsch passive sub! No sign of one inside or outside the box.
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  4. twiiii

    twiiii Addicted Member

    west Texas
    My room mate in college and I shared a pair of Cornwalls with Mcintosh electronics for over a year. Later on my master bed room had a pair of Hersey s for over 20 years in corners up against the ceiling. I installed Belles and Cornerhorns, delivered my share of La Scalas, Chorus, and others, while in the sound profession. The only way I liked Klipschhorns was if they were voiced with room equalizers. They were very good that way, but only a few customers did so. Belles even with their limited bass were appealing to me, But at the top of the heap was the Cornwall. It was the best of them all. Its only issue was its very very narrow sweet spot. So you had to be at least 12 ft or further from the speaker and they had to be oriented toward the listener. Voicing the speaker really made them shine. If you ever get a chance, try Room Perfect by Lyngdorph, it really reveals the hidden capabilities of a Cornwall. Oh the amp with highest signal to noise, is the best. I hated listening late at night when you could hear noise from old tube amps seeping into the music.
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  5. Searing75

    Searing75 AK Subscriber Subscriber

  6. m3gunner

    m3gunner AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Union City, CA
    Cornwalls... with a 15" Ultimax sub from PE in their precut box on 2kW from a bridged Crown amp...
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