Favorite portable CD player with translucent lid?

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by CPQ5360, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. CPQ5360

    CPQ5360 New Member

    The other day I spotted a pack of Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-R discs on the shelf at Walmart. They look so cool, and I just had to get them.

    I've never been particularly interested in CD audio, but it would be a waste to use these just for data storage, so I'd like to find a decent portable CD player, but one with a translucent lid so you can see the disc inside. So far I've found a few Philips units that have an almost entirely transparent, albeit colored lid. Can anyone recommend any other players they like with such a lid? Bonus points if it will play MP3 discs.


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  2. ferninando

    ferninando Lunatic Member

    San Jose Ca.
    you mean the kind th e size of a disc? works like a clamshell/?
    panasonic, I have one but not clear lid. check ebay
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