Feeling Underwhelmed with Hi Rez

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by superjojo, Aug 30, 2017.

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    SCS, MI (near a lake)
    HiRes, vinyl or even CD will sound poor if the mastering sucks. That said, a known good mastering on HiRes will sound quite good.

    I didn't notice much difference when I used an older DAC, but when I upgraded to something better, the difference between the two is much clearer, and I can hear it. I can also feel it, through a reduction of stress while listening to digital. (For years, I gritted my teeth unconsciously while listening to CDs. I rarely if ever get that with HiRes.)


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  2. gvl

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    Please tell us about your setup. List software, hardware, interconnects.
  3. Gents

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    Voila! Modern upsampled magic.
    The advanced settings of Windows 10, difficult POS it is, allowed me to designate the USB port to the V-DAC II as the output. Digital lock achieved. However, if what I've read is correct, shouldn't the Foobar volume then be nullified if it's playing the basic digital signal for the dac & the preamp to work out?
  4. gvl

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    Do you have a particular reason for upsampling on the laptop? Player's volume control usually have an effect no matter what, but it is manipulating the samples potentially costing some resolution if dialed down too low.

    And btw, V-DACII can only go up to 96kHz over USB according to the specs, this probably explains why no light with 192kHz upsampling...
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