Fisher 160-T with KEF 102 and KEF Kube

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by mcoluccio, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. mcoluccio

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    Hi everyone,
    First a disclaimer, I am very much a novice trying desperately to understand the information I've been scraping together from the internet.

    With that being said my question is about a Fisher 160T that I recently acquired at a thrift store. I wanted to try and set up a system with it. I have a set of KEF 102 speakers that require a separate active low level equalizer called a "Kube". From what I understand, hooking up the KUBE to the Fisher 160t is not possible since it does not have a Tape loop monitor. From what I've read there are conflicting opinions about solutions to this problem. I'm hoping to get an opinion in relation to this particular amp.

    Also, The KEF 102's Nominal Impedance is 4Ω resistive while the Fisher 160T has a Speaker load impedance of 8Ω (minimum). Will this be a problem as long as I keep my volume low?

    thank you in advance for all your help!


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    DOBIEGUY AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Woodhaven N.Y.
    I own the Ref102s with the KUBE also. My Fisher(&Scott) gear have tape loops and tubes.
    Your SS Fisher is coming up on 50 years old. Its performance may be questionable.
    You could connect them up without the KUBE. They will still sound very good.
    Go easy on the volume and determine if the 160T is up to snuff. You don't want to put those tweeters at risk!
  3. mcoluccio

    mcoluccio New Member

    Thanks for the info Dobieguy!
    I actually already had it plugged in and it is working. I should go have it checked out as it seems that the last time it was serviced was in the 80's.
    I don't see a tape loop on the back of my fisher. All I see is Is RCDR out. Is it still possible to hook up the KUBE?

  4. larryderouin

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    Glen Burnie Md.
    On the 160-T RCDR OUT and Aux IN would be considered the "Tape Loop". It doesn't work like a Traditional Tape Monitor in Tape loop like on a 400. This is more record off FM, Phono, or Whatever, then use Aux for Playback. I would be VERY careful using a 4ohm load on the 160-T. Not much headroom for messing around. But it does sound very good on 96db and above speakers.
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