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Fisher 400 Cabinet maintenance

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by Jon Kasper, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Jon Kasper

    Jon Kasper New Member

    Hi all,

    Have an original Fisher 400 cabinet in quite good condition, it seems almost a teak finish though perhaps also walnut? See the pictures attached.

    Wondering if anyone has any tips on keeping the cabinet looking its best as I really love the way it looks and want to ensure I'm doing all I can to keep it protected and healthy? Perhaps some sort of natural oil to protect and retain the quality, though wouldn't want to apply anything that would alter or drastically change the look/add a sheen, rather just protect and preserve.
    All tips/experience appreciated!




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  2. bhamham

    bhamham AK Subscriber Subscriber

  3. grindfix

    grindfix Full time hobby Subscriber

    New Albany, OH
  4. Dneprrider

    Dneprrider Active Member

    Atlantic Canada
    I now use RENAISSANCE MICRO-CRYSTALLINE WAX/POLISH to protect the wood on my Fisher and other wood products. As with any free advice on the net, I did my own research and read about the many various products available. I like this stuff and found it worked well for my use.

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