Fisher 500 B without a cabinet

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by nnicola, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. nnicola

    nnicola New Member

    Bloomfield, NJ
    The 500 B I ordered from eBay arrived today. The unit does not have a cabinet.

    Two questions:

    1. Should I elevate the receiver using shims so that some air can circulate under the chassis? Without a cabinet the th bottom of the chassis comes into direct contact with a shelf.

    2. Did Fisher manufacture metal cabinets for the 500 B? I only see wooden cabinets on eBay. Are there any worthwhile aftermarket cabinets available anywhere?


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  2. audmod01

    audmod01 Super Member

    Tioga, TX
    Yes, you could use wooden shims as a temporary method to provide air circulation up through the holes in the bottom cover. You could probably find some rubber feet you could mount on the bottom to elevate it 1/2 inch or so at any number of hardware stores. There are four captive pem-nuts on the bottom cover that accept screws from feet. Just make sure that you select screws for the feet of the right thread pitch and not so long that they protrude too far into the chassis.

    There were Fisher metal cabinets for a number of the X-100 & X-200 integrated amplifiers, but I am not aware of any made to fit the 400, 500-B/C or 800-B/C receivers. There were earlier metal cabinets available for the 500, 600 and 800 receiver models, but I do not know if their overall chassis size and front panel sizes were the same as the later models. I have not seen a metal cabinet for a 500, 600 or 800 model on eBay for sale that I can remember although some may have been.

  3. notdigital

    notdigital AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Only wood for the 500 B

  4. Thom 2230

    Thom 2230 New Member

    Iowa, USA
    I have a restored walnut case that came with my 400 that I'm selling. RAW_20190112_131339.478.jpg RAW_20190112_131339.478.jpg

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