Fisher 80-PRT - anyone know anything?

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by EastPoint, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. EastPoint

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    Hi folks. A friend of mine just picked up a Fisher President console that was gutted at some point in the past. This one uses the Fisher 80-PRT preamp/tuner, but unfortunately there's basically no information about this on the net. Does anyone here know anything or have one?


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  2. larryderouin

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    From the information The RED1 and I have separately researched, The 80 PRT is a Stereo Master control Center from 1957-'58 and used exclusively in the President console. The best we can figure it was probably a custom alamgamation of 2-80C preamps and a Clock/timer. It was mated with the AM-80 and FM-80 Tuners, and 80A(z) amplifiers. Neither of us have ever seen one. Due to the Exclusively limited use in the President, and the Scarcity of the console itself, finding one is going to be almost like trying to find a 10 year old virgin.

    EBAY and or ESTATE Sales in Older Hi End Neighborhoods might be your best bet.
    The 80-PRT is the Central control unit in the below photo/Brochure pic. The tuners are to either side.

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