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Discussion in 'Fisher' started by Nashville76, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Nashville76

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    Have had this The Fisher 800T for about 10 years. Wierd thing is it has a Fisher 500TX front cover. When i had it serviced a few years ago at Hi-tech in Nashville, TN I asked them about it and Tom said it's definitely a 800T (has the 240/120 volt transformer). Has the wonderful wood case. Any ideas how it might have come to have that faceplate?


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  2. fred soop

    fred soop Super Member

    Could the transformer have been replaced at some point? Maybe Fisher had overstock of that part. The dual voltage transformer would not hurt anything in a 500TX. Or, maybe the front panel was swapped at some point. The 800T also has fuses on the secondary side of the transformer which would be a clue. The manual also shows some sort of DIN plug for the reverb jumpers on the 800T.
  3. larryderouin

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    Glen Burnie Md.
    The DIN Plug on the back is for the Wired Remote for the AUTO SCAN. Optional on the 500-TX and included with the 800-T. And they both use the same manuals.

    Good possibility the faceplate was swapped at some point. The 500-TX and 800-T are for all intents and purposes the same unit except for the faceplate coloring, the single voltage trannie(500-TX) vs. the Multi voltage trannie on the 800-T. There are some minor wiring differences (mainly fusing, and such) but otherwise identical. You could have the faceplate painted to match the 800-T colors and then lettered. The 800-T would have been sold overseas at PX's by FISHER like the 1800. As it came out in mid '68 for the '69 Model year(Sept 68) and lasted until the end of the '71 model year (Aug71) I'm thinking that it either replaced the 1800 or was sold side by side with the 1800 until supplies of the 1800 petered out.

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