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Discussion in 'Fisher' started by davros, May 31, 2018.

  1. davros

    davros AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Winston Salem NC
    So I was making my weekly stop at my Local ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) and stumbled upon an employee trying to hook up a Fisher KX-200, and Sansui TU-70. Apparently they had a homemade console donated and he was trying to see if they worked.

    The panicked look on my face must have startled the guy. It was plugged in and all the tubes were glowing, he was trying to hook up the tuner and speakers when I found him. I gave him some simple instructions on how not to burn up 50 year old tube gear, and how not to hurt himself. I also gave the manager my contact info if they needed someone to help with these items in the future.

    I then left with both the Tuner and the amp.

    After a proper test with a variac, the Amp ran great in both channels at just 70V. I had 20V A/C on the chassis, so I shut it down and put it on the shelf as a future project. My project shelf is getting pretty big, but I just couldn't pass it up....

    The iron in this thing is enormous.... The Bias meter adds to the cool factor... Need to find some knob covers, but all in all a nice looking piece. Apparently it was a kit, and whoever built it did fine work.

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  2. nj pheonix

    nj pheonix AK Subscriber Subscriber

    New Jersey
    I've had 2 x200s (the k is the kit version )
    Some very minor differences.
    Very nice when working right. Good pick up:thumbsup:
  3. Dave451

    Dave451 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Philly area
    +1 on the KX-200. My X-200 is a favorite wit big, robust sound. Love the bias meter, too--great feature!
  4. Kingfisher

    Kingfisher AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Western MI
    ReStore can sometimes be a great place to find stuff. I go there a lot for tools. Awesome find davros :thumbsup:
  5. larryderouin

    larryderouin Turn it UP, POP? PLLUUEEEZZZZZEE Subscriber

    Glen Burnie Md.
    Agree with Kingfisher. Late Wife found a GE Americana Dual oven Range about 6 years ago, from 1974 that looked like it had just come out of the factory for $75.00. She called me and asked me about it. When I hear it was an Americana, I told her, "RUN NOW, Get the Tag off it and PAY the MAN. I'll be down with the truck in 10 minutes." She did, but didn't understand my excitement. I explained it after I got home. The Picture should explain it. Probably the best Range we had in 35 years. Replaced the Timer, the upper oven element, and the upper oven seal. Still using it daily.
    1974 ge-J767001HT-electric-self-cleaning-double-oven-range.jpg
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  6. easyedward

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