Fisher Radio Model 300 MPX Signal Generator

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by audmod01, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. gadget73

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    Southern NJ
    I don't put a lot of faith in my tester. It rarely shows tubes as weak or bad, but sometimes they perform that way in circuit.


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  2. audmod01

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    Tioga, TX

    I am like you. I have seen too many tube testers that lie! Or at least return results that are ambiguous and can be quite misleading. I was always used to substituting a good tube back when they were readily available. I saw too many cases where a tube would check good in a tester and yet would not work properly in circuit or would check bad, yet work OK in circuit!:crazy: The B&K 667 tester was given to me while I bought the Allied Radio model 600 years ago at a swap meet and made some minor repairs and cleaning. I might order one of each type of NOS tubes the unit uses and have them available to try if something proves not to work well after servicing the power supply of the unit.

    It is time to order some capacitors and tubes for the restoration.:)

  3. bhamham

    bhamham Super Member

    Great thread, Joe.

    I have one of these guys sitting on a shelf. Plan to restore it next fall/winter so watching closely. All the best with yours!

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