Fisher Roll Call: Whatcha' Got ?

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by rl1856, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. rl1856

    rl1856 New Member

    2pr 20a. 1pr with cages and in good working condition
    2pr 30a. 1pr with new caps, 1pr in need of restoration
    2 x SA16. both in need of restoration
    2 x 440a 1 rebuilt with VitQ caps and 1 in need of restoration
    1 680a rebuilt by the late Buzzybee to use EL34 tubes
    X202b. New caps otherwise stock
    FM 202T rebuilt by the late Buzzybee with a MPX65 hardwired in
    FM 200 + MPX 200. Good working cond
    FM 4000 (console FM 101). in need of restoration
    FM 90r restored and a MPX 70 hardwired in
    TA600 in need of restoration
    500b Restored
    500c. 2x. 1 in need or restoration, 1 parts quality
    400 receiver. Fully restored

    My father gave me his FM90R- purchased at the military PX in 1959
    The 400 was made within a few months of my Birthday (based on serial #)

    To many Fisher and Scott are like Ford and Chevy.....and each has their fans. I don't own any Scott pieces.

    What do you have ?

    Best Ross
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  2. dcgillespie

    dcgillespie Fisher SA-100 Clone Subscriber

    Ball Ground, GA
    1. Late version 400C preamp -- modified to eliminate all hum originating within the unit.

    2. X-202B -- Modified only to include individual bias test points and Screen Stability resistors, otherwise stock.

    3. R-200 -- Purchased with full restoration.

    4. FM 100B -- Fully restored.

    5. Late version X-101 -- Project in waiting.

    6. 500C -- Project in waiting.

    7. X-202 -- Power supply fully rebuilt, defective components replaced.

    8. 800C -- Fully rebuilt, including individual bias adjustment controls and auto tuning meter lamp control.

    9. SA-100 Clone -- My version, including EFB(tm).

    10. 300 Multiplex Generator -- Fully calibrated.

    11. 400 Receiver -- Highly modified per thread on this forum.

    12. 590-T Console Tuner/Preamp Head -- Fully functional, powered from diy standalone power supply. Performs lab rat duty.

    Ross -- I would be particularly interested in the installation of the MPX-65 into your 202-T. I have performed such a modification on that unit, which is quite involved if the resulting unit is to work and act like a real "Fisher". In particular, the 202T offers no ability to easily select FM mono reception (for quiet listening on distant stereo stations) once the MPX-65 is installed, nor is there a way to accurately tune the FM Stereo MPX composite signal on stereo stations for most accurate MPX performance. Finally, there is no way to indicate reception of a stereo station, either.

    I resolved all of these issues with a number of modifications to the unit (in addition to the basic MPX-65 install), which included a switching relay system to facilitate FM Mono operation, and modifications to the FM tuning eye tube circuits so that it operates like that in a 400 receiver: In FM mono mode, it is a signal strength indicator reacting from the limiter stage signal as normal, only partially closing on maximum signals to facilitate tuning but also to indicate Mono operation. In FM Stereo MPX mode, it then reacts to the pilot signal from the MPX-65 for best FM Stereo performance, fully closing (or nearly so) on FM Stereo stations to in fact indicate reception of FM MPX Stereo, but remaining wide open on (and to indicate) reception of mono FM stations when FM Stereo MPX mode is selected.

    It ended up being quite a project well beyond the simple install of the MPX-65, which I think is why you see so few of the old MPX-20 designed units actually converted for MPX-65 operation. Since you indicated that yours was converted, I wondered how these areas were addressed. To my knowledge, Fisher never published any instructions for installation of an MPX-65 unit into MPX-20 designed tuner/receivers, so I wondered if you knew any of the details for how these issues were addressed in your unit. Any info appreciated!

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  3. sberger

    sberger Hard Core Geezer Subscriber

    Fisher 400, 500B, X-101-C, and R200 tuner. The 400 and 500B are very early, the X-101-C later. Not sure about the tuner.
  4. bolero

    bolero Well-Known Member


    I need to build a case for it though, I got it as a chassis only
  5. AlTinkster92

    AlTinkster92 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Fisher X202B, Fisher FM200B, Fisher 800C all perfectly restored by Dave Gillespie! :)
  6. kcline

    kcline Tube Audio Collector Subscriber

    Triad NC
    600 Receiver 400-C Restored 2ea 400 Receivers all org 500-B org 500-C Restored? SA-100 2ea FM-100-B one restored, KX-200 ORG KM-60 org X-100 restored XP-10 Speakers Just found 400-T Receiver. I think that is all
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  7. Fairlane

    Fairlane AK Subscriber Subscriber

    West San Jose CA
    TA-600, 500C, 800C. All updated by me with the help of AK and all the great experts on this forum :thmbsp: Thanks for the knowledge and the willingness to share with the rest of us.
  8. HiFiHarv

    HiFiHarv Active Member

    3 pairs of 30A's. All rebuilt by me with different parts in each one. I do have a favorite, but they all deliver the musical goods in different flavors.

    1 pair of 20A's. Redone by the dreaded Fisher Doctor for the previous owner and now rebuilt by me. I don't hear too much about the 20's...another great EL84 amp.

    400C preamp. Rebuilt by the late Paul Gryzbek at Tube Audio Design...(formerly Bizzybee)
    It's simply a killer preamp and Dave G's changes/improvements are next on my list.

    101R tuner. Rebuilt by me. My lastest project, and quite a bit more involving than the amplifiers. It's a mono tuner that requires a MPX unit for stereo, but that's OK with radio being a low priority for me these days.

    Just for kicks, a Fisher 855 CD player! It's one of the earlier CD players from the 80's, made by Sanyo, I believe. "Laboratory Standard" of course. Still sounds pretty good and lacks that "digititis" that early digital was known for. I'll say this: it still works and my High End $1600.00 Proceed player quit on me more than a decade ago.
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  9. gadget73

    gadget73 junk junkie Subscriber

    Southern NJ
    TA600, partially rebuilt, need to do the can caps.
    Philharmonic chassis 290-T, all original
    MPX unit from a 500B, believe its an MPX-65. Plan is to make it a stand-alone external MPX unit, probably for the TA-600.
  10. larryderouin

    larryderouin Turn it UP, POP? PLLUUEEEZZZZZEE Subscriber

    Glen Burnie Md.
    51' Coronet MONO Console (restored) R-3 Chassis 6V6
    59' 510/610 Consolette (I have both head units) 510 is Phono only with Aux. 610 is AM/FM modded to '60 C.E.-III Standard for MPX. 7189's.

    59 560 Companion Console 30A amp. 7189
    63 Model 950 Executive Console 800-C 7591's
    64 Custom Electra console 481 Amp 590-T Tuner 7189's
    65 Custom Electra Console (1) 49-A 49-T ELL-80
    65 Futura Console (1) 59-A 59-T ELL-80



    400 (under rehab) 7868
    800-C 7591
    TA-600 (50000 series) 7189
    250-TX (2)
    400-T "
    500-TX "
    550-T "
    700-T "

    TX-100 Integrated Amp (Germanium Solid State) (2)
    Early 70's FISHER Turntable (BSR) in the box

    Spare 49-A/49T/Dual 1015 from a 66 Custom Electra (works) (1)
    50-F Hi-LO Filter
    80-T Tuner/preamp

    All electronics have been restored.

    (1) Tube Tuner/preamp, Tube/Transistor (Hybrid) AMP
    (2) All Solid State
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  11. 2526

    2526 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Pittsburgh, PA
    A lovely sounding restored 400


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  12. fisher1965

    fisher1965 New Member

    One nearly pristine 1965 Fisher Ambassador VII French Provincial console.
    I purchased is last February.
  13. Sam Cogley

    Sam Cogley Last of the Time Lords Subscriber

    SW Missouri
    800B receiver
    70A monoblock
    70AZ monoblock modified to 70A-2 specs
    Early 400C preamp (mostly complete, except for original knobs)
    Late 400C preamp (decidedly less complete, probably about 60% intact)
    FM-200 tuner
    MPX-100 MPX decoder (later version)
    K10 SpacExpander reverb unit
  14. jheu02

    jheu02 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    North Carolina
    400C Preamp. Dave, do you have a detailed description somewhere of what you did to eliminate hum? I need to eventually go through and redo some resistors, etc and may as well do what i can for any underlying issues.
  15. dcgillespie

    dcgillespie Fisher SA-100 Clone Subscriber

    Ball Ground, GA
  16. asech

    asech AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Mission Viejo CA.
    3X X202B (finishing the last recap)
    1X X1000 (recap)
    1X FM1000 (recap)
    1X X101
    1X FM200B
    1X FM200R
    1X FM100B
    1X FM50
    1X TA600
    1X 100T
    3X MPX100(one in original box)
    1X K10 Space Expander

    love the receivers, but am hooked on the inregrated/seperates


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  17. tube-a-lou

    tube-a-lou Super Member

    Just two a restored KX200 and a X202C, which I'm restoring right now with the
    help of Dave.

  18. Superampman

    Superampman AK Member

    Kitchener, ON.
    One lowly SA-100 I recently acquired but seriously underrated. Wow, this thing gets HOT! But one beautiful sounding piece. I never gave it a chance to warm up before. I am now very impressed with it. Can't imagine how much better Dave's mod would make it sound.
  19. jcon109

    jcon109 Active Member

    Jefferson City MO

    500c purchased metalbone kit not installed yet

    400 previous owner installed 7591 plan to restore back to original
  20. Rideoften

    Rideoften Member

    Orlando Fl
    A beautiful 400 restored with metalbone's kit and a repro cab. Makes my Khorns sound so sweet.


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