Fisher X-100B with JBL 4412 Speakers?

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by NaiveMelody, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. NaiveMelody

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    Hello, I have the opportunity to get some JBL 4412 speakers but I am worried that I won’t have enough juice to power them with my Fisher X-100B. It looks like the Fisher can push out 50/channel and the JBLs are rated up to 150 (see below for full specs). Any thoughts or info would be appreciated. It’s a great deal so I’d rather not pass them up if the speakers will work. Thanks again!

    • Type: 3 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system

      Frequency Response: 35Hz to 27kHz

      Power Handling: 150W

      Crossover Frequency: 800, 4500Hz

      Impedance: 8Ω

      Sensitivity: 90dB

      Bass: 1 x 300mm cone

      Midrange: 1 x 125mm cone

      Tweeter: 1 x 25mm pure titanium dome

      Finish: oiled walnut

      Dimensions: 362 x 597 x 286mm

      Weight: 27kg

      Year: 1987


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  2. larryderouin

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    Glen Burnie Md.
    Actually the X100B is more like a 20-25Watt per Channel unit. Back then with the IHF ratings it was a TOTAL wattage of 2 channels. It should be able to push the 4412's to slightly uncomfortable levels but nothing that would blow out windows, crack the neighbors foundation or give the kid down the block bleeding ears from 100ft.
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  3. UncleBingo

    UncleBingo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Room size and your listening habits have at least as much to do with it as the specs in question. Probably great in a 12X16, but may get lost or sound weak in a 20X30 or open floor plan situation.
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  4. NaiveMelody

    NaiveMelody New Member

    Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it!
  5. Lo-Fidelity

    Lo-Fidelity AK Subscriber Subscriber

    If you want a lot of help, ask the question in the Lansing Legacy forum.

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