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Discussion in 'Fisher' started by MFP4073, Feb 7, 2018.

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    I recently picked up a pair of XP-10 as a project to run with my MC30 monoblock amps. I have always liked the consolette style of these and when a pair turned up locally I decided to grab them. At first listen they seemed to have all the usual issues, lacking highs but surprisingly the tweeters are still working. My initial intention was to clean up the outside of them and re-cap the crossovers. When I got inside I found that the original crossovers appear to have been modified and the woofers had been replaced with HH Scott 197B units. I re-capped what was there. There was some improvement but it just was not sounding good.

    I was going to install a ready made X over by eminence but could not find one that had the crossover points I was looking for so decided I would give it a try and build my first crossover. I have rebuilt a few McIntosh amps with good success so I thought the crossover would be attainable. The science of these things confuses the hell out of me! After much reading I used on of the calculators to come up with a second order, band pass, butterworth design. It is simple and not optimized but I am giving it a go anyway.

    The woofer is the 197B mentioned above, the mid is original, and I am replacing the tweeters with Morel CAT30's. Crossover points I selected are 300hZ (up from 200hz original) and 2500hZ (original). Anyway I'll see how it goes. The first crossover is almost done. I just need to make the connections for the tweeter.

    Other speakers I have are a pair of 1960's Electro Voice Marquis that I reworked and then installed Crites X8 / X36 crossovers into and a pair of 1990's Boston VR-975s which are still my favorite of what I own. My fingers are crossed that the XP-10 sound nice! I wanted to share and will give an update once I have them working.

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    I'm watching! The Morel sounds like a good idea. I've seen people put horns in those. Haven't heard them.
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    Tioga, TX
    Are there variable level controls included in the crossover design? Or will you run frequency response tests and calibrate the response and install fixed resistors if needed?

    What kind of tweeters were the originals? Were they conventional cone types or dome types?

  4. MFP4073

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    The speakers turned out well and I am happy with them. The Morel tweeters brought the highs back for sure. The units that I removed were the original Fisher "fried egg" tweeters that were no longer functioning properly. I stuck with the original crossover level control option. I replaced the pots, kept the original metal plate they were mounted in and incorporated them into the new backs that I made so it "looks" original. I also replaced the binding posts.

    Here are a few shots of the new Morel tweeter mounted on the original baffle board and the inside of the new back cover I made / crossover all wired up.

    I recently got my hands on a pair of JBL 4311B studio monitors so I'm on to another small project making stands for them. As much as I like the big and mellow sound of the XP-10s I think the 4311's blow them away with detail! I guess depending on my mood I swap around between the EVs, XPs, JBLs and Boston VRs. Its all part of the fun!

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