Fisher XP-7b - recap!

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by loudnoises, Mar 19, 2017 at 8:21 PM.

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    well i've finally gotten my hands on my father's XP-7Bs. These are the speakers i grew up with, and amazingly enough all the surrounds are still good.

    But the crossovers need work. i know this because one of the caps fell out a few decades ago... Searches have gotten me nowhere, anyone have a schematic for these? Otherwise i'll have em apart this week so i can order up new caps.
    2017-03-19 21.22.09.jpg
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    Pull the other speakers crossover and order double the number (for both). The crossovers aren't anything a caveman couldn't handle.
  3. fred soop

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    The XP-7 series is similar to the XP-9.

    XP-9 has 3 midrange units and a 5 ohm resistor substituting for a 4th midrange. They are in a series/parallel circuit with an inductor in series with the entire string and another inductor from the first inductor to ground. All of this then has a 25 µF capacitor and 2.2 Ω resistor in series.

    The single dome tweeter has a 4 µF and 3.75 Ω in series. Of course, there is an inductor in series with the woofer.

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