FM tuner, Onkyo T-4500 is reviewed

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by 3moons, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. 3moons

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    Richardson, Texas


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  2. Paul C

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    On Dr*Audio's excellent advice, I bought an Onkyo T-4500 this past spring.

    The Onkyo Integra T-4500 tuner is from 1989, and described as having "3-Mode APR System", Cable Fine Tuning, and had 40 station memory presets.

    It can be operated via remote by connecting it with an Onkyo R1 cable to an Onkyo preamp. I have connected to an Onkyo P-3200 preamp (c. 1990).

    The T-4500 tuner has a slip on F-connector for FM, as well as binding posts. There are also binding posts for AM antenna and Ground. With a nice loop antenna this tuner gives excellent AM performance.

    This tuner does not have an output level control, but it is of approximately the same level as my other sources, CD, Phono, Tape.

    This tuner can tune in 50 khz or 25 khz increments. The Cable Fine Tuning mode gives the 25 khz tuning increments. This can be useful for tuning slightly off to one side of a weak station next to a strong local station, though I have not had to do this.

    "APR" is Onkyo's Automatic Precision Reception system. The tuner decides the best settings for each station, Stereo/Mono, High Blend On/Off, Wide/Narrow mode, and automatically sets these to give the best reception. Each of these settings can be overridden. Whether these settings are as the APR choses, or you have overridden, when storing that station into one of the 40 memory presets the tuner will remember those settings and recall them when that station is selected. You do not have to reset it each time.

    And this tuner NEEDS 40 memory presets. You will have a lot more choice of stations to listen to than with many other tuners.

    This is a "5-gang, 4-filter" tuner. It had two 230 khz bandwidth filters operating in the "Wide Mode" setting. In addition it had two 150 khz filters that are switched into the signal path for the "Narrow Mode" setting. Filters from that era were very lossy, -12 db - 14 db or so. They can be replaced with modern low loss Murata filters (-3 db - 4 db) and improve performance even more, which is exactly what I did. I have removed the old filters and replaced them with 3-pin sockets into which I have plugged the new filters. I have replaced X101 and X104 Wide Mode filters (230 khz) with new Murata low loss 180 khz filters. X102 and X103 Narrow Mode filters (150 khz) have been replaced with new Murata low loss 150 khz filters. These filters were center freq matched by the seller. This easy modification made a very noticable improvment in performance.

    The T-4500 in combination with the Radio Shack/Antennacraft FM-6 mounted 5' above the peak of my roof, and the filter mod, allows reception of more than 60 clean and clear STEREO FM stations around the state. Many of these are in strings of adjacent channels. There are others that can be picked up with some noise, or clean by switching to mono. I am sure at least some of the noisy stations could be improved if I had a rotator.

    As it is now, I just could not ask for a better tuner.
  3. jmitchell59

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    Aberdeen, SD
    Any chance you know how to fix the memory loss in a 4500?
  4. nickhead

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    Elizabethtown, KY
    Memory loss is most likely caused by a bad supercap. Replace the .1F supercap at C707 and your memory will probably start working again. It's a bugger to get out is it is located under the display. After desoldering it can be removed by carefully prying up the display and working it out. Mount the new one on the bottom of the board.
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  5. mikeybc

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    Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario
    Good info to know, I also have a T-4500 that I'm going to start using agian, It didnt have amnesia when i put it away about 6 or 7 years ago. Hopefully it' still fine.

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