Focal 807v's rethinking my amps again

Discussion in 'New Gear - Performance' started by SpicySammich, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Danddd

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    Wheaton, IL
    I know what you mean. I played the 807Ws and with my McCormack amp they were way to bright, but sound perfect with my Sonic Frontiers tube amp. I found a great deal on a pair of Sonus faber Liutos and they really shine with the SS Mc amp.
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    Two things Focal are known for. They are a bit forward in terms of sound and their need for power. Lots of it to make them sparkle.
    In my car I had their 30th anniversary set paired to my Alpines amps pushing 100watts to each speaker and they barely kept up. Lol. Great speakers though.

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