Found some RF7’s and other goodies

Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by Rivercat, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Rivercat

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    So I figured I’d share my recent acquisition.
    I just picked up a pair of RF7’s, a RSW15, RC7 and an Onkyo Receiver. All for $450, and $50 of that was me paying the guy to hold on to them for 3 weeks before I could pick them up.

    The RF7’s are in good, not great shape. Some surface scratches on the cabinets, some dimples in the dust caps, one prominent dent in the copper part of one of the drivers and the grills have some snags in them.
    The plan is to lightly sand these down, re-stain them, work on popping the dust caps out and they’ll be pretty nice. Then maybe just keep an eye out for grills and a new driver that are in better condition, but that’s not my top priority.

    The RSW15 is in very good shape. Some surface scratches in the wood, but they’re minor and everything else is good. A light sanding and re-stain and it should look like new.

    The RC7 is.... rough. Some serious gouges in the wood, front corner of the black faceplate is chipped off and one driver is jacked. I already bought a driver off of eBay to replace that. And I plan on doing a light sand and re-stain on this too so they all match. My hope is that this one will be decent when it’s done. Definitely won’t be mint condition, but shouldn’t be too bad either.

    I’ll post some pictures later (when I’m not at work) and then try to post a few pictures of the “restoration”.
    I know the reference series isn’t like the heritage series as far as restoring stuff, but I figured this was still a hell of a deal and something I’m excited to tackle and see how it turns out.

    Any feedback or recommendations on things to do, watch for, etc are welcome. And anyone that’s done similar stuff, I’d love to see that too!
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  2. ndes01njd

    ndes01njd Member

    St Louis Mo
    Sounds like you got my exact system, except I have 2 pair of the RF7s.

    You got a fantastic deal! I bought mine all new from a local retailer but paid well below the MSRP.

    I had a couple of the drivers replaced under warranty and had to get the amp in the RSW15 rebuilt but I love this setup.
  3. moray james

    moray james Super Member

    Calgary on the Bow
    Sounds like you are deserving of a huge congratulations! Hope you enjoy your K-haul.
  4. fredgarvin

    fredgarvin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sweet deal. I'd love to hear the RF7 in my room.

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