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Free week of Digital Concert Hall (Berlin Phil)

Discussion in 'Streaming Services' started by olderroust, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. olderroust

    olderroust AK Member

    286 miles south of arcata
    I've liked the Berlin Philharmonic's digital concert hall for a few years now, but it is expensive and I let my subscription lapse.

    For Christmas we re-upped for a month so I could get a feel for what's been happening in my absence. When I went to sign into the new sub, my old account info was still present on the computer - and I had a free week waiting for me.

    Apparently everyone gets a free week right now if they've ever been registered. Not sure what this means for brand-new subscribers.

    If you haven't tried it, I think it's a very nice service. Well-shot video, well-recorded audio and a fairly deep archive.

    I'm watching Emmanuelle Haim conduct and perform Handel's Resurrezione from Halloween of 2014 just now.
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