Fur,Fin and Feather air pistol score today!

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoor Adventure' started by philo426, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. ConradH

    ConradH Addicted Member

    Canandaigua, NY
    Yes, Beeman had quite the catalog. I've shot air guns for decades, but have never owned a CO2, just break barrels. Webley Tempest, a modified Daisy 717 and the first version of the Crossman Challenger rifle, which I think was sourced from FWB or similar.


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  2. 2011etec

    2011etec Super Member

    You,ll shoot your eye out with that thing.
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  3. toxcrusadr

    toxcrusadr AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Missouri
  4. philo426

    philo426 Super Member

    I don't normally shoot a pistol one handed but this pistol just feels natural.Great for hitting cans and 2 liter bottles.Great gun!
  5. Ross6860

    Ross6860 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I shoot springers (RWS) and single-stroke pneumatics, but if you have the bucks a PCP is the way to go for hunting, field target, etc. No "recoil" to break scopes or screw up your aim. Pure paper punching a single-stroke pneumatic is fine.

    The Benjamin Marauder punches way above it's price. YMMV

    BTW, have you seen the new .30 cal, 9mm and up high-powered PCPs? 180 grain 9mm at 900 fps. That's .38 Special power in an air gun.
  6. Hajidub

    Hajidub Ready for Winter! Subscriber

    Colorado Springs, CO
    When my son turned 10 I started my search for an air rifle. I wanted to teach him gun safety, do a little bonding, have some target practice fun. Well, this little old lady at my work heard me talking about it and said she had a couple rifles and that I could stop by and have one. I did that after work, lil' cheapo looking rifle, but I thought "hey it's free." I tried it when I got home, in my garage on 9 pumps. HOLY CRAP, thing fired through a trashbag of trash and 1/8" into a 2x4 wall stud. I realize there are advertised higher power bb rifles, but I've shot supposed 1200 ft/p/sec rifles and none of them had the power this one had.

  7. philo426

    philo426 Super Member

    I had one of those 881 Powerline rifles when I was in high school.Ten pumps and it would go right through a metal trash can on both sides!Today my Benjamin 392 really hits hard.The .22 pellets really tear up pop and soup cans!
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  8. philo426

    philo426 Super Member

    Yes I mostly pump it 5 or 6 times which is more tha sufficient.Ut dies slap pretty hard so I may add a section of old bicyckle tube to quiet it.I added a scope using Weaver scooe mounts.Nice rifle 1522334240360.jpg !
  9. mfrench

    mfrench AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Friendly Village of Fallbrook
    I celebrated March For Our Lives day by ventilating ground squirrels. I had two confirmed KIA, and one that did the Curly spin before crawling off into the bushes.
    Regarding the KIA ratio,...
    I have a Crosman 2100 Classic .177ca reissue. But it is iron sights only. I'm a righty, but, my right eye has taken some licks over the years, and isn't my best side. So, this has had me rethinking about a new shooting iron. With the iron sights, at best, its a generalized point, shoot, and hope. I'm thinkning a scope would help?

    I think I'd like a .22ca beak-barrel NP type, with a scope. But, iron sights would also be needed, as some of my plinking can be within 30'; Sarge feeds the birds, which attracts and holds the squirrels for long enough to get sighted. I also know where their den is at, but they're really quick in and out of that. My best success comes from the bird feeding area.
    Something with a silencer would be nice as well, though my neighbors and I all have an understanding that loud popping noises are likely framing/nailing guns, nothing more; no need to report.

    I like what I see with this shooter in the link above. Is it that dual purpose with the scope and sights?
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  10. dosmalo

    dosmalo T-Totaled Subscriber

    The Cult of Personality
    Mike, I love the scope. I've got it sighted on x5 at approx 30yds max and it is dead on.
    I found that for me anything greater than x5 picked too much of my "unsteadiness."
    I looked yesterday and the Ruger 22cal in the link had gone back up in price but is still affordable and I still plan on purchasing one.
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  11. Pio1980

    Pio1980 AK Member Subscriber

    Angel Station, Alabama
    A Beeman/Webley C-1 with a Beeman SS compact armored scope is the reason I never used the Sheridans much, or had the non-functional one rebuilt. It was just quieter, easier, and better overall than the pumpers.
  12. jami w.

    jami w. just being me thats all

    New hampshire
    the m4 i had while in the military was perfect.

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