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Getting back into audio on a budget. Suggestions Please.

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by jmanusa6, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. jmanusa6

    jmanusa6 New Member

    I been out of the loop for about 10 years. I finally have time and room again so I dug out my old Sony ES VA333ES reciever and got it setup in a 14 x16 bedroom. I used to build speakers and had several sets around that I had spent a lot of time and money on but sold over the last 10 years for some extra paper in my wallet. My budget is pretty small right now at $300. I'd like the setup to be a 2.1 system, it will mostly be used for music and the occasional movie at night before bed. So far I'm leaning towards the Dayton SUB1200 at $150, this leaves me a $150 bookshelf speaker budget. New or used doesn't matter just excited to get my music space back.


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  2. mcgarick

    mcgarick Well-Known Member

    Renton wa
    T amp, or pro audio......chifi too.

    Craigslist....pro audio power amps and maybe Nikko or Hafler preamplifiers.
  3. Silentnet

    Silentnet AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Charleston, SC
    He's planning to use the Sony, budget is for speakers only.

    OP: I'd look at full range floor standers and add a sub later if needed... But I'm a bookshelf hater, so maybe don't listen to me. I do stupid things like put giant electrostats in a roughly 12x14 room.
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  4. Decibel_116

    Decibel_116 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Madison, Alabama, USA
    JBL Arena 130. Add the sub later...
  5. KevinJS

    KevinJS Lunatic Member

    I thought everyone did that.

    There’s no shortage of decent full range speakers at that price. I’d have a look at USAudioMart and see what’s posted there.

    Here's a pair of Mission bookshelves that fit your budget.(No affiliation)

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  6. jmanusa6

    jmanusa6 New Member

    I really appreciate everyone's response and did look at each option. While looking at the JBL speakers on parts express I stumbled apon the Dayton MK402 bookshelfs and because of the great reviews and an open box option for $55 I grabbed them. I also went down to the Dayton SUB-1000 10" to save a little more money and I also thought the 12" model would be over kill for the bedroom.


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