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Getting back to DSLR after a break

Discussion in 'Cameras and Photography' started by Markoneswift, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. tube-a-lou

    tube-a-lou Super Member

    Just picked up a Canon 5D should be good from a photographer who used it only as back up.


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  2. cratz2

    cratz2 Addicted Member

    Indy, IN
    I still have an original 5D and for stills in anything other than quite low light or sports, I don't think it's a step down from a 5D Mk III.
  3. tube-a-lou

    tube-a-lou Super Member

    Great, I know there's more of of us guy's out there, I just thought for the price it was great and I do love
    the new camera's but this high pixel rate thing you really need sharp lenses for them plus they put so
    much in these camera's I think the 5D is a breath of fresh air.
  4. Markoneswift

    Markoneswift Quartz locked n ready to rock

    Aotearoa New Zealand
    I've acquired yet another camera rig now - for a silly $149 NZ I got an Olympus E-420 MFT body with both the 14-40 and 40-150 lenses ! Pretty happy with this and it's my first venture into MFT land !
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  5. fmueller

    fmueller Super Member

    Auckland, NZ
    Kia Ora! Nice to find another Kiwi on here, especially one who is also into photography! I shoot a Canon 20D, which I picked up while still in the US for US$100. More recently, I managed to get a 7D from Oz for NZ$300. Both oldies but goodies. I have a bag full of lenses, mostly EFs. I don't ever see myself going full frame, but I don't think there is any disadvantage to that other than that a 50mm doesn't work like a 50mm on film any more. But it's been so long since I last shot film that it really doesn't bother me any more.

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